Postgame Quotes: #12 Michigan 5, Michigan State 0

Dec. 11, 2010

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Michigan Audio: Coach Red Berenson | Senior F Carl Hagelin | Senior F Louie Caporusso
Michigan State Audio: Coach Rick Comley

Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson

On if the event was magical ... "It was. It came right down to the game itself. You really have to focus on the game. Any time you look away from the game and look at the environment and the surroundings, it was definitely surreal."

On keeping the players' focus heading into the game ... "I think one thing was coming down every day and practicing on this rink so we could get used to it. Some of the novelty wore off and some of the excitement. You didn't want your team to be too excited. On the other hand, I thought our players really kept their focus. They knew we were playing a worthy opponent, a big rival, and you hate to play in an event like this and come up short."

On the power play ... "It really was [excellent]. It was one of those nights. We really got some bounces and some breaks, and the power play was definitely a factor in the game."

On goalie Shawn Hunwick ... "I told both of them that (Brian) Hogan was playing on Thursday, and we made the call that Hogan was going to be our starting goalie. I told everyone. During the warm-ups today, Hogan pulled his groin. Hunwick knew then that he had to go in. Obviously he was ready."

On Jon Merrill ... "He's been a strong player right from the get-go. You've seen him play and watch him. We've all been impressed with his play with the puck and without it. Tonight was a showcase. When he got a chance, he scored the first two goals of the game. They were pretty important goals in a showcase like this."

On the future of outdoor hockey at Michigan ... "Well, that won't be my call, but I know our athletic director Dave Brandon was very pleased with how everything came together. It was a big risk when they undertook this. You never knew if fans would support it, what the weather would be like or what the game would be like. But everything turned out alright and couldn't be better. I'm sure there will be some talk, but we are just absorbing what happened today."

U-M Senior Left Wing Carl Hagelin

On his two-goal performance ... "Obviously we got three goals on the power play today. It was a great relief for us. Lately, we haven't been getting shots through. Tonight we had a one-timer and two off of rebounds. You aren't going to always have pretty goals, but it counts just the same as the good ones."

On keeping the focus ... "We just had fun on the ice. We didn't think about anything as distractions. We just thought everything would pump us up for the game. Monday was an easy skate, laughing with no coaches. Tuesday, we started getting serious and you could just see the team evolving as the week went on. Once the puck dropped, we were all ready to play. If you aren't ready to play in a game like this, you'll never be ready."

On the goalkeeper switch before the game and the play of Shawn Hunwick ... "He can't have a better game. He got the shutout for us and made the stops he needed to. It was pretty incredible. We all trust Hunwick. He's a great goalie. We didn't know who was going to play because we have two goalies that are capable. Today, Hogan was going to play, but Hunwick was ready just in case and he showed up."

On family members in attendance from his native Sweden ... "I have 20 or 25 family or friends from back home. It's just amazing to first off get them the win and score a couple of goals was fun."

U-M Senior Center Louie Caporusso

On his performance ... "It's definitely one to remember. This is one of the most exciting days of my life."

On the pregame build-up ... "You get shivers like you can't imagine. It almost brings tears to your eyes. You can't believe how much passion is at this school. Walking out of that tunnel, hitting that banner, it was something I'll never do again, that's for sure."

On balancing emotion during the game ... "I was trying my hardest to do that. During my first couple of shifts, I couldn't help it. I felt really weird, felt like I've never felt before, and obviously it was because of the 110,000 people. Once I got those first couple of shifts out of the way, I felt good."

Michigan State Head Coach Rick Comley

Opening statement ... "It was a great show. It was a tremendous crowd and a great atmosphere. Obviously, when you play in something of that magnitude and it comes off that good, they are to be congratulated."

On Michigan's power-play opportunities ... "They were 3-for-4. The first one deflected off of our stick and (Drew) Palmi(sano) had no chance on that and the third one hit our defensemen and bounced on their stick. Sometimes the puck drops where you need it to drop and sometimes it doesn't. They are skilled, and when they get opportunities, they are going to take advantage of them."

On the opportunities in the first period ... "I thought it was real sluggish in the first period. I've never been in a situation before in hockey where the wind impacted the game. It was tough skating into the wind. Red and their players had said that at the beginning of the week and thought the wind was a factor. They played very well and were the better team, but that was one of the human elements out there."

On the event as a whole ... "The whole thing was great. If you can separate losing, you can't as a person involved in hockey experience anything better than what you experienced tonight."

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