Behind the Scenes with the Wolverines at the Frozen Four

April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5
3:00 - The team held its final practice in Ann Arbor, working on the ice for approximately 70 minutes.
4:32 - Staff and players load the equipment truck on the west side of the arena.
5:47 - Captain Carl Hagelin tells his teammates to get seated so we can depart Ann Arbor.
5:52 - Coach Red Berenson enters the bus and sits in his customary seat in the front right.
5:56 - A dozen fans show support for the team by ushering them off as the bus pulls away from Yost Ice Arena.
6:18 - The bus pulls up to the East Entrance of the Willow Run Airport for the charter flight to Minneapolis.
6:22 - Everyone in the 45-person travel party goes through security.
6:28 - Players begin entering the plane and are asked by the flight attendant if they would like bottled water or Gatorade. Each man politely responds with please and thank you as he receives the requested beverage.
6:48 - The plane is packed, sealed and ready for departure as the flight attendant goes through pre-flight instructions and it leaves the tarmac in front of USA Jet.
6:53 - Frozen Four Bound! The team charter carrying coaches, players, administrators and flight crew takes off and heads northwest to Minneapolis-St. Paul.
7:08 - The flight crew announces that portable electronic devices are permitted and players begin using their iPods and laptops to pass time during the 93-minute flight.
7:15 - The plane reaches the west side of the state and heads across Lake Michigan.
7:50 - Coach Berenson and Coach Powers talk strategy, recruiting and other topics during the second half of the trip.
8:21 - The team plane lands smoothly in Minneapolis.
8:29 - The entire travel party helps take luggage and equipment off the plane before jumping onto the team charter bus for the trip to the Xcel Energy Center.
9:03 - The bus arrives at the Xcel Center and heads through the garage door gate to the locker room area. Players and support staff drop off equipment and check out the ice surface.
9:29 - U-M arrives at the hotel and gets checked in at the Crowne Plaza.

Wednesday, April 6
8:15 - Equipment manager Ian Hume, athletic trainer Rick Bancroft and their staff members arrive at the locker room. The six-person crew works to make the locker room look like home for the Wolverines.
8:22 - A U-M contingent led by Coach Berenson meets in the lobby to depart for the Xcel Energy Center.
9:00 - The NCAA meeting begins with introductions of all participants. The mandatory meeting goes over all the details of the next two days and concludes after 30 minutes.
9:32 - Coach Berenson talks with NCAA staff members about the tournament before walking back to the hotel for a few hours.
10:02 - Former Wolverine Eric Nystrom stops into the locker room to see Ian Hume and Rick Bancroft after the Minnesota Wild's morning skate at the Xcel Center.
10:21 - Ian Hume begins the process of sharpening the players' skates outside the locker room in the hallway.
12:42 - Players begin arriving at the Xcel Center to prepare for practice. They play a little soccer in the locker room and roam the hallways with their stick and a tennis ball.
12:55 - Scooter Vaughan and Louie Caporusso do radio interviews with Westwood One Radio for the national broadcast of tomorrow's semifinal showdown with North Dakota.
1:00 - Six Wolverines spend time with ESPN for in-game broadcast elements and do beauty shots with Big Screen Networks for the Xcel Center Jumbotron.
1:21 - Coach Berenson arrives and sits down with Westwood One for an 8-minute radio interview.
1:30 - Berenson signs a few pucks and a jersey that hockey operations director Josh Richelew had sitting outside the locker room.

Frozen Four timeline
8:15 a.m.
Frozen Four timeline
10:02 a.m.
Frozen Four timeline
2:30 p.m.
Frozen Four timeline
4:00 p.m.

1:35 - Berenson meets with Gary Thorne, Barry Melrose and Clay Matvick about the game with North Dakota. The crew discusses with Berenson the Wolverines' season, coaching today's players, goalie Shawn Hunwick, the long-term consistent success of his program, and what it will take to defeat North Dakota.
2:29 - Berenson leads the team out of the locker room and down the short hallway to the ice surface.
2:30 - The Wolverines step onto the ice at the Xcel Center the moment their 60-minute clock begins for practice. The spirited, focused practice is crisp throughout as the team works on all phases of the game critical to the game plan against North Dakota.
3:12 - Berenson brings the team together at center ice with with about 18 minutes remaining on the practice time clock. He talks to the players about the game and immediately following meets with his staff in the middle of the faceoff circles to the left of his team's bench. Players spend time shooting at the empty net at one end and go one-on-one with the goalies at the other end. Players leave the ice at different stages over the final 10 minutes of ice time.
3:45 - Berenson spends time with former Wolverine and current Minnesota Wild player John Madden and his son outside the team's locker room. Later, Berenson takes them into the locker room to visit with the team.
4:00 - Berenson, Hagelin, Caporusso and Matt Rust participate in the NCAA pre-tournament press conference with approximately 60 media members in attendance. The remaining players and staff talk with the media in the locker room.
4:36 - Players begin leaving the locker room for the walk back to the hotel for some rest and school work. Berenson stops to do an interview for before beginning the five-minute walk back to the Crowne Plaza.
5:45 - Dressed in coat and tie, players and coaches depart for a tournament event at the 317 club with all the other teams.
6:03 - Players take photos by class at the event and enjoy some finger foods.
7:25 - The team heads to Pazzaluna for dinner.

Thursday, April 7
8:53 - Players begin arriving for the Continental breakfast.
9:20 - Team leaves the hotel to head over to the arena for the morning skate.
10:09 - Associate Head Coach Mel Pearson peers out of the locker room to sit on the bench and watch the zamboni prepare the ice for the Wolverines.
10:19 - Pearson throws 36 pucks into the faceoff circle for practice.
10:20 - The Maize and Blue take the ice for their optional morning skate. About 80 percent of the Wolverines opt in.
10:32 - Berenson steps onto the bench, coffee in hand, and observes his team.
10:33 - "Do what you need to do to get ready to play, boys," says Mel Pearson. Chris Brown practices one-timers from between the faceoff circles. Matt Rust, Lee Moffie and Chad Langlais fine tune their power-play technique.
10:53 - Video coordinator L.J. Scarpace pops out to take some shots from the blueline, and eventually buries one.
10:55 - Brandon Burlon is the last player to step off the ice to end U-M's practice session.
11:30 - Team meets to review the game plan for tonight's matchup against North Dakota.
12:25 - The Wolverines return to the hotel and have their pre-game meal at the hotel. After lunch, players rest in their rooms before have a pre-game snack around 5 p.m.
6:20 - Athletic director Dave Brandon and his wife, Jan, and administrator Brian Townsend arrive at the Xcel Energy Center.
6:35 - Players and coaches arrive in the lobby to leave for the arena.
6:45 - The team bus rolls up to the arena for the red carpet walk. U-M fans and the Marching Band greet the Wolverines with the Victors.
6:53 - Berenson and Michigan Radio Network play-by-play announcer Al Randall sits down to tape the pre-game interview for the broadcast.
7:23 - Ian Hume sharpens the skates for multiple players so they can test the edges during warm-ups.
7:30 - Coaches and administrators hang out in the hall as the team makes final preparations for warm-ups.
7:38 - Berenson and Brandon chat in the Westwood One Radio room across from team locker room prior to taking the ice.
7:54 - The Wolverines take the ice for warm-ups.
8:30 - Game Time! Michigan takes on No. 2 North Dakota.
11:25 - Players and Coach Berenson walk to the press conference with the media. Berenson makes an opening statement and players Carl Hagelin, Shawn Hunwick and Ben Winnett answer questions from the media before being excused to return to the locker room.
11:37 - Red Berenson talks with the media for approximately 12 minutes before returning to the locker room area.
11:52 - The team leaves the arena and returns to the hotel to see their families and grab a bite to eat before getting some rest before starting preparations for Minnesota-Duluth.

Friday, April 8
8:42 - Berenson, director of hockey operations Josh Richelew, sport administrator Brian Townsend and hockey PR director Matt Trevor leave the hotel for a meeting at the arena.
8:59 - The NCAA administrative meeting begins on the suite level of the Xcel Center. The 14-minute meeting covers the pre-game timing and postgame procedures for the championship game with Minnesota-Duluth.
9:18 - Berenson and Richelew depart the arena to go back and watch film before the team's morning skate.
9:54 - Players and staff begin trickling in for breakfast at the hotel. The players talk about the game from the night before and begin chatting about the opportunity that is ahead, the national championship game on Saturday.
11:10 - Berenson arrives at the arena and heads right into the interview session with Westwood One Radio. He tapes the pre-game interview
11:15 - Players have made the walk from the hotel and begin assembling in the locker room at the Xcel Center. Ben Winnett, Carl Hagelin and Shawn Hunwick tape interviews with Westwood One.
11:45 - Berenson, Scooter Vaughan, Luke Glendening and Greg Pateryn represent the program at the pre-championship game press conference before the assembled media. The team's locker room is also open to the media for 30 minutes.
12:30 - The Wolverines step onto the ice for a brief workout. Mel Pearson and Billy Powers are the first ones out and on the ice prepping for short practice. The Wolverines go through a series of drills from clearing the zone, to dumping the puck in, to carrying it in on odd-man rushes.
1:04 - Players are free to leave the ice or work on whatever they want during the final 26 minutes of practice time. Pearson watches the action and teases Mac Bennett that he needs to practice his post-goal celebration because it's not fluid enough.
1:09 - A competition begins as Lindsey Sparks, Luke Glendening and Brandon Burlon practice chipping pucks into the bucket around the goal crease.
1:13 - Sparks, Glendening, Ben Winnett and Derek DeBlois are the last players off the ice.
1:15 - Red assembles everyone in the locker room and shuts the door to the outside world as the team goes over the game plan for tomorrow's national championship game. The Wolverines spend about 30 minutes going over the keys to the game before walking back to the hotel for lunch and some rest.
4:15 - Wearing maize and blue warm-ups, the team heads with Richelew back to the arena.
4:30 - The Wolverines participate in a one-hour autograph session on the concourse of the Xcel Center.
6:40 - The team and support staff load buses for a short drive to Minneapolis. The Wolverines have a 7 p.m. dinner at J.D. Hoyt's restaurant in Minneapolis. A large table of Michigan fans greets the team with a standing ovation when they enter the restaurant.
8:58 - The team meets to do some more scouting of opponent Minnesota-Duluth before getting a snack and heading to bed.
10:00 - Lights out! Time for the team to rest and mentally prepare for the national championship game.

Saturday, April 9
8:53 - Players and staff begin arriving for the Continental Breakfast at the hotel.
10:45 - Players make their way onto the ice in sweats and the goalies are padded up. A little more than half the team is on the ice during the time allotted for open skate.
11:00 - Birthday boy Shawn Hunwick exits the ice.
11:11 - Jon Merrill beats Bryan Hogan in the final game of rebound. Hogan exits the ice defeated for the final time this season.
11:13 - Billy Powers counts down the players on the ice.
11:22 - Brandon Burlon is the last person off the ice before the big game.
11:29 - Berenson begins the team meeting following open skate.
12:05 - The team returns to the hotel from their meeting and has a brief break before the pre-game meal at 12:30 pm.
3:45 - Staff and players begin putting luggage on the buses for the return trip to Ann Arbor.
4:00 - Everyone is checked out of the hotel and is hanging out near the bus.
4:11 - The bus pulls up with the Wolverines to the Xcel Center.
4:12 - Berenson leads the team off the bus. They walk the red carpet before a raucous crowd of Wolverine faithful and the Marching Band, which plays The Victors.
4:13 - The Wolverines walk down 32 steps, another 50 yards and down an additional 20 steps to the rink level. They walk to the right approximately 100 yards to their locker room on the left-hand side.
4:16 - The music begins in the locker room as the players start prepping for warm-ups.
4:17 - Berenson and Al Randall tape the pre-game interview for the Michigan Radio Network down the hall from the team's locker room.
4:18 - Video Coordinator LJ Scarpace and Assistant Coach Billy Powers go over pre-game points of emphasis for the meeting with the players.

4:21 - Berenson and NCAA committee member Guy Gaduwsky discuss the keys to the game for the Wolverines and Berenson's history in big game, both at the NCAA and NHL level. Berenson comments, "I'd love to play in this game."
4:23 - Players start coming in and out of the locker room with their sticks, lining them up for equipment manager Ian Hume and his crew to take to the team bench.
4:28 - Berenson steps into the locker room for the first time since arriving at the arena. He does not emerge again until warm-ups are set to begin.
4:30 - Captain Carl Hagelin comes out of the locker room, fiddles with his sticks, meets Minnesota-Duluth captain Mike Montgomery and the two walk down the hall for the captains meeting with the officials. They are escorted by two NCAA committee members.
4:32 - A.J. Treais leaves the locker room with an exercise band and heads to a private part of the arena to stretch out and get mentally focused for the game.
4:37 - Manager Justin Sterk packs up the sticks in the blue bag, zips it up and carries them to the bench.
4:38 - Chris Brown, Treais and Mac Bennett go down the hall to kick a maize and blue soccer ball around for awhile. Luke Moffat stretches out with an exercise band around the same location as the guys playing soccer.
4:50 - The entire team heads down the hall to an open area to begin stretching. Greg Pateryn carries the Bose Speaker system and gets the upbeat music going, while everyone begins clapping hands. The team gets in three lines and goes through a warm-up and short sprints.
4:57 - Mel Pearson and Billy Powers stop in the hallway to greet Jan Brandon and their friends, Larry and Diane Johnson. Dave ducks into the locker room to spend time with Berenson before warm-ups.
5:01 - The team breaks from their warm-ups and heads back into the locker room to get dressed. Chris Brown stops and asks "Will you come to class and take notes for me. I decline and he states "I didn't think you could anyway."
5:03 - Louie Caporusso, Carl Hagelin, Scooter Vaughan and Kevin Lynch stick around and juggle the soccer ball for about eight minutes. The do a skip run back to the locker room area before stopping at the door. They enter with a slow mo group move into the team area.
5:07 - Chris Brown and Greg Pateryn leave the locker room partially dressed in their uniforms and head into the training room.
5:25 - Ice Time! The Wolverines and Bulldogs take the ice for warm-ups.
5:25 - The Wolverines and Bulldogs take the ice for warm-ups at the Xcel Center.
5:38 - The two teams leave the ice for the final time before returning for the game.
6:03 - The game begins with Matt Rust winning the opening faceoff.
6:39 - Ben Winnett scores the game's first goal off the faceoff. Rust wins the draw and pushes it to Winnett, who beat Kenny Reiter on a wrist shot to the lower left of the net.
7:44 - After giving up two goals early in the second period, Michigan ties it up at 2-2 heading into the third period. Jeff Rohrkemper bangs in a rebound at 17:46 of the second period on assists from Greg Pateryn and Derek DeBlois.

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