Postgame Quotes: #17 Penn State 16, Michigan 9

Feb. 18, 2012


Michigan Head Coach John Paul
On today's game ... "Obviously, we were pretty happy with how we were able to execute our game plan in the first half. We played the pace we wanted to play. Some of what we were doing was a bit of smoke and mirrors, but we went into halftime feeling like if we cleaned up a couple mistakes and stuck to what we really wanted to do that we had a pretty good opportunity."

On Penn State's offense in the second half ... "I think we started to get into a pace that we didn't want to play. We had a lot of trouble clearing the ball -- we had trouble all day. That was on us as coaches. We had some execution errors that we can clean up. There were also some things that we weren't prepared for at this point that we can fix when we watch the film. A lot of it for us is pace. If we allow them to jack the pace up and make this an up-and-down game then we're going to be in trouble in a lot of the games we play. That's what happened in the third quarter."

On the team's fortitude despite trailing by 10 ... "That's the first thing their coach said to me afterwards, and I agree, that our guys don't quit. They give 60 minutes of effort. They did the same thing last week against Detroit. I'm proud of the guys for that. I do think the guys believe in what we're trying to do and how we're trying to do it. They're not going to quit. They have a lot of pride. They understand the realities of what we're facing here, but they also believe in this. They understand that even in these situations when the game starts to get away from us we're still preparing for the rest of the season. I really do think they have a long view and that's part of what pulls them through these games."