Postgame Quotes: Michigan 14, Mercer 4

March 4, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach John Paul
On today's win ... "It's obviously pretty nice to get the first win. We really felt like we were getting closer this week. We saw a lot of improvement over the course of the week. A lot of that manifested itself two days ago against Jacksonville. We played our best game of the season to this point and we knew if we just continued to get better every day, which we've been doing this season, then this was going to come at some point so it's great to get it."

On the offense's ability to possess the ball and limit Mercer's opportunities ... "We turned the ball over too much today, but the offense did do a really nice job controlling the pace of play. We rode very well. We won faceoffs, which was, to be honest, a pleasant surprise today. They have a very good faceoff guy and Brian Greiner just played outstanding. We made some changes on the wings and those guys did a really good job. The limiting of their shots is an indication of how well our offense played."

On the coaching staff preparing the team for today's game ... "Our staff turned around the game plan for this one about 16 hours after we finished the Jacksonville game. For them to stay up all night, absorb all the film and install the game plan by next day at lunch time was incredible. They put in the hours and really understood how to fit what we wanted to do against a very different into a format that the players could execute."

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