Team Two Tales: Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton

Jan. 15, 2013

Redshirt senior team captain Sean Sutton blogs in the second entry of Team Two Tales, a periodic player blog that will chronicle the 2013 men's lacrosse season. Members of Team Two will give fans an inside look into the program leading up to, during, and following the 2013 season.

Welcome Michigan lacrosse fans to the second installment of Team Two Tales. My name is Sean Sutton and I am a defensive midfielder for the Maize and Blue.

On Jan. 8, we all returned from winter break and it was great to see all the guys at our first team meeting of the semester. It was evident on everyone's face that we are all ready to get back into the swing of things. I think all of the members of this program, from the players all the way through the coaches and directors, are excited for the opportunity in front of us.

Break was a great time to go home, relax, and get away from the stresses of school work. It by no means, however, was a time to forget about lacrosse. We all worked extremely hard all fall and it was important not to take a step back in any of the phases of the game during the time off. Coach Sandoval has done an excellent job affecting the "bigger, faster, stronger" portion of lacrosse for us.

As our strength and conditioning coach, he did great work getting us in playing shape over the Fall semester. The players were individually responsible over vacation for maintaining that speed, condition, and strength, along with keeping the stick in their hands. Although playing lacrosse when you go home with a white ball, while snow is all over the ground, is not the easiest thing, it is important not to lose anything we've gained over the past couple months.  

As you all know our season lies in the February, March, April, and May months of our winter semester. During this time, and the January weeks leading up to it, it is all lacrosse -- all the time. The mindset changes from the more relaxed fall to an intensity level that will get us ready for competition. It is important not to forget that we are student-athletes and not just athletes. Adjusting to school work during the season can get difficult if you don't go about it the right way. As a senior, I have had some time to learn the importance of time management, especially when we are competing one-to-two times per week. Trust me, professors don't care if you just played a lacrosse game the night before, the exam will still be held. It is extremely important to get school work done whenever there is time, even if that means on a Saturday morning. With how much time per week we devote to lacrosse, we need every minute we can get.

Being elected captain this year and holding the position for my second straight season is a huge honor for me. I know the leadership skills I learn will help me my entire life, even after my lacrosse career is over. But for this year, I am very excited to help build foundation for an elite Michigan lacrosse program. We have a great group of leaders this year that extend beyond the captains. I think our eight seniors make up the core of this team and we all are on the same page in our goals for this team. We all understand what it takes to win and will do whatever needs to be done to get our team to that level.

Thank you all for reading my update, and watch for more to come from the other member of Team Two as we get closer to our season. Go Blue!

- #26 Sean Sutton

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