Class One Q&A: Sam Martorella
Sam Martorella

Jan. 16, 2013

In the 20th question-and-answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Sam Martorella, a defensive midfielder from G.W. Hewlett High School in Hewlett, N.Y., is profiled. A four-year letterwinner in lacrosse, he was captain of the Hewlett lacrosse and football squads as a senior, and he was also an all-county performer on the gridiron as a junior and senior.

On the transition from high school to Division I Lacrosse ... "I think the transition is pretty tough because I'm not from such a big powerhouse high school. I think the coaching I got from high school was pretty good, and that geared me up for knowing what I'm going to be in for. Tempo and speed are just a big difference."

What drew you to Michigan the most ..."The tradition that Michigan has is so rich, and to be a part of that is something very special that I take to heart. The academics are a big thing that drew me here as well."

On being a part of the first recruiting class ... "Being a part of Class One is very special, and it's a pretty big honor to be a part of. At Michigan there is such a big tradition, and we are all starting a new tradition, which is really special."

In high school did you consider yourself as more of a football or lacrosse player ... "I considered myself as both, but I definitely love lacrosse more. I knew that I had a better chance of playing lacrosse in college."

How does being a good football player translate into being a good lacrosse player ... "I think the love for competition and the athleticism that football requires. In some way, lacrosse and football are the same, and especially for me being a defensive midfielder, it's mostly about athleticism, running up and down the field, being able to mark up opposing players, and use your vision."

Describe yourself as a player ... "I played offensive midfield in high school, so it was a big change for me, but in high school, my coach always said to me that I was probably going to be switched to defensive midfield, so I knew that switch was going to come sometime. I love defense now, and it's a lot of fun. I really embrace the position, and I love what I'm doing and have grown into it."

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