Under the Arch: Nuts, Practice Tunes, New SWAG, Valentine's Plans

Feb. 13, 2014

I'm writing this after eating a blueberry Clif Bar, which, coincidentally, had almonds in it, which, coincidentally, I am allergic to (note to fans: when making me baked goods, keep in mind I am allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, almonds, walnuts and cats. Just looking out for you/me.).

Anyways, I'm starting to claw at my neck uncontrollably so if I don't finish this blog my one dying wish would be that you go "like" my Facebook profile picture I just changed.

Coach Paul always preaches to us about the strong tradition of athletics here at Michigan. A newly started tradition that we now carry involves whomever does the team break down at the end of practice brings the warm-up music for stretches the next day.

We've been blessed with some great playlists by Doug Bryant and Tommy Orr and some not so great playlists, including Rob Zonino's opera. Rob, or 'DJ Nino' as he is now known, did earn creative points by making a custom track with the help of Stefan Bergman mixing his own version of the famous Braveheart speech.

As everyone's starting to slowly go insane in anticipation of the new Cascade helmets, equipment manager Nick Mancuso has kept us off his back by releasing the game cleats for practice to break in, which has been an uphill battle, let me tell ya.

Adversity is a hot topic in sports and overcoming it is even hotter. We had some fresh adversity this past Friday prior to our trip to Penn State, starting with an early wake up for a 6 a.m. practice, followed by me spilling an entire cup of hot sauce on myself and making the bus on the way to Penn State smell like Ray's Red Hot, all topped off with the bus DVD player not working. Oh yeah, and the wifi was terrible because Josh Stauffer wouldn't stop streaming Gossip Girl on Netflix.

We arrived at our hotel in Happy Valley at around 6 p.m., had our team dinner and ended the night by watching the Opening Olympic Ceremonies and cheering on the countries who only had one Olympic athlete. Legends.

Saturday morning arrived quickly and game day was here. No more Snapchats; it's all business now. Although we didn't get the result we wanted, Team 3 learned a lot that day. We approached this week of practice with intensity, each day working hard using the feeling we had after the Penn State game as fuel.

With Mercer this Friday (Feb. 14), we're expecting to have a great game full of action and awesome lacrosse. Oosterbaan at 7 p.m. is where you want to be, because wouldn't you want to spend Valentine's Day night by watching some quality lacrosse in a building where it's always sunny and 70? Also, rumor has it, if David McCormack gets a hat trick, he's going to blow free kisses to all the fans.

Time to find some Benadryl,


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