Team Two Tales: Zachary Dauch
Zachary Dauch

Feb. 21, 2013

Senior Zachary Dauch blogs in the third entry of Team Two Tales, a periodic player blog that will chronicle the 2013 men's lacrosse season. Members of Team Two will give fans an inside look into the program leading up to, during, and following the 2013 season.

Hi everyone, my name is Zachary Dauch and I am a senior here at Michigan. I have been with the program since my freshman year, when it was a club team, and have had the pleasure to continue competing with the team when achieved Division I status.

I have seen a lot of change through my four years here but it has been such a unique experience. To be able to go though the transformation, especially at the University of Michigan, has been an honor. The athletic department, along with our coaching staff, is doing everything in its power to help us in our mission to become a national powerhouse. In particular, being able to play teams such as Loyola, North Carolina, and this week, Johns Hopkins at the historic Homewood Field, has really been a dream come true. As someone that just loved the game growing up, having a locker room, an array of equipment, and the opportunity to play, and even practice in the Big House, has been really special to me.  

One of my favorite installments has been the recent addition of "training table" to our schedules. Training table is a catered meal that occurs after late practices, and it really just brings the team together -- much like road trips. These times give us the opportunity to share some laughs and jokes because usually when we are together its work time. Cottage Inn has done an excellent job so far, so credit to them and their staff. We are all looking forward to the next meal!

In the midst of our third week of the season, we have spent a lot of time in practice on ourselves. After suffering a tough loss to Bellarmine, we have really had to focus on our faults and continue building our program to be elite, something we talked about a lot last year. We faced a good Bellarmine team this past weekend, but we felt confident on the way down. In that game we beat ourselves, and if we want to have to opportunity to compete with teams like Johns Hopkins, and the remaining teams on our schedule, we have to be mentally tuned in, especially while on the road. We have our next six games on the road and in the stretch we have some highlight locations. Homewood Field, as I mentioned previously, Sun Life Stadium, home of the Orange Bowl, and Citi field, home of the New York Mets.

These opportunities are just a piece of what it means to be a Michigan athlete but we most focus on the task at hand, getting that "W." What Coach Paul and Coach Broschart have mentioned a lot this week is that we are the underdog going into every game, until we prove otherwise. As the underdog, we have to work, and that exactly what we plan on doing.

Thanks for reading my entry, and be sure to check back for the next installment, featuring one of my teammates.

Go Blue!

Zach Dauch #9

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