Under the Arch: Roomie Shoutouts, Nicknames, Legendary Families
Brian Archer

March 21, 2014

The second round of midterms are upon us here in Ann Arbor and although I should be studying for the apocalypse of exams I have this Monday, I'm giving the people what they want: more Under the Arch (or UTA as Jeff's dad, Mr. Chu aka The Nicknamer, would call it. Not sure how he acquired this title ... more to come). And if I'm being completely honest UTA isn't even taking away from my exam studying time but rather my YouTube procrastination time, which has been most recently spent watching a video called How Much Does Thor's Hammer Weigh?

Your Michigan men's lacrosse team is currently up to a 4-5 record making history with every win and singing "Hail to the Victors" after each win never gets old. Also, on the topic of making history, we earned our first ever conference victory this past Saturday against Bellarmine with the OT goal scored by Mikie Schlosser (he's my roommate).

At this point in the season I feel like it's my responsibility to enlighten the world on some of the nicknames that have developed on the team and how they came about:

Thal (Neanderthal) - Andrew Roswell
Origin: due to his apparent poor looks according to Gerald Logan

Jeets (Derek Jeter) - Will Biagi
Origin: Biajeets? Unreliable sources confirmed this.

Moose (The animal) - Mike D'Alessio
Origin: Moose.

John David John Johner Johnson - J.D. Johnson
Origin: the copious amount of "Johns" in his name. Less of a nickname, more of a fact.

Rooster (The animal?) - Riley Kennedy
Origin: I'm too young to know. Possibly due to his apparent good looks.

Cheese/Sally (The dairy product/Salamander) - Mikie Schlosser
Origin: Unknown/Looked like a salamander with shaved head.

Grandpa Wolt (Your father's father) - Christian Wolter
Origin: Incredibly old age. Reference previous blog entry.

Bods (Bodner) - Andrew Simor
Origin: No clue.

Chip - Will Weichert
Origin: non-specific name for a male. Created during summer school summer last year.

Mr. Chu has recently acquired the title of what I call the "Nicknamer" due to his witty nicknames for some of the players on the team. Most recently, Peter Kraus's "Peyton" (only time will tell if this sticks) in reference to the relationship Peter and his father (former All-American lacrosse player at Virginia) have to star football players Peyton Manning and his father, Archie, constantly debating who was the better Manning. Or Kraus in this case.



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