Team Two Tales: J.D. Johnson
J.D. Johnson

April 11, 2013

J.D. Johnson scribes the next installment of Team Two Tales, a periodic player blog that will chronicle the 2013 men's lacrosse season. Members of Team Two will give fans an inside look into the program leading up to, during, and following the 2013 season.

What's up, Michigan fans? My name is J.D. Johnson, and I am a redshirt junior captain and defenseman from Malibu, Calif. Recently I have been sidelined due to a hamstring injury, but in recent weeks I have worked back into the lineup. As we enter the final few games of our season, we have a lot to look back on, but still a lot to look forward to.

Two Saturdays ago, we took the field against Air Force. To me, this game shows just how far our defense has come since the beginning of the season. Where in our first couple tests we focused in on fundamental lacrosse, in the Air Force game we could completely focus on the game plan, instead of fundamental mistakes. In my opinion, this is a huge step in establishing an elite division one program. The more we can shrink the amount of time it takes to get our fundamentals down, the sooner we will start to see some Ws.

Coming off a tough loss against Delaware, the team is eagerly awaiting the start of one of our most anticipated matchups on the season against that school down south, which will always be a hard-fought battle. The Ohio game means everything to our team and me. No matter what the competition, Michigan fans show up and cheer wildly for Michigan against Ohio. I am really excited to get a large crowd at our game this Saturday and put a few Buckeyes in their place.

Then next Wednesday, we will square off against Detroit in a special night contest that will be one of the few night games of any sort held in historic Michigan Stadium. We have a few Michiganders on the team, and I know this game is something special for them, as we face our only in-state opponent.

The upcoming final games are all very exciting opportunities to prove ourselves as a program, and continue to establish building the foundation of our program, as well as an elite culture.

Although we haven't exactly had all the results we could have asked for, the team has high spirits. Many teams would fold at this point, close up shop and call it quits. I am incredibly proud of our team for believing in the process of developing a Division I program. Although times are tough, we keep each other motivated and smiling.

Thank you for tuning in to this installment of Team Two Tales, and thank you to fans everywhere for your support of Michigan Lacrosse!

Go Blue!

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