Under the Arch: Potholes, Supporting, ECAC Tourney
Brian Archer

April 16, 2014

As a tenured citizen of this state, I feel like I have some insight on the topic of all things Michigan and need to bring a few issues to your attention.

First, potholes come out in full force in the spring. If you plan on bringing a moped or bicycle, know that spring potholes can be, and typically are more dangerous than just about any traffic hazard (not including Ann Arbor drivers, their inability to use turn signals when parallel parking still presents the biggest danger).

Second, just because it's technically "spring" doesn't mean the weather is going to follow suit. The probability of it snowing during lacrosse practice in April is way more likely than you would think, and wearing your greys (sweats) to practice is a must ... unless you're Thomas Paras and you wear shorts and a T-shirt on one of the coldest day of the year. Sources still haven't confirmed, but I'm pretty sure he ate nails for breakfast that day as well.

MRelay was this past weekend after we got back from Ohio State, and the Michigan Lacrosse Relay for Life team was wildly successful. Teammate Mike Francia, a cancer survivor, led our team and organized the event. His passion for the program was inspiring and it was awesome to have our team there to support him and everyone else in attendance. In the end we raised a total of $5,162, which will go a long way with helping to fight cancer.

With conference play over, the next step for us as a program will begin in May. Michigan Lacrosse has earned a spot in the conference tournament for the first time EVER. That's pretty huge and something we are very proud of as a program. The ECAC Tournament will take place in that one city "down south" and nothing will be sweeter than beating that team "down south" on their home turf for the championship just like Bo would do back in the day. Not many people know this but the Bo Schembechler-Woody Hayes rivalry started because they both played lax back at prep school (definitely going to need confirmation on this one).

The next two games of the season are Yale this weekend and then Robert Morris the next. These are both home games and just because they're not conference games that doesn't make them any less important. Yale is a good team but, like us, has lost to Cornell and Fairfield by a very small margin. Getting our programs first top-20 win would be monumental and you can bet your bottom dollar if you come out to the Big House this Saturday you're going to get one heck of a show.

Snow with a low of 25,


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