Team Two Tales: Austin Swaney
Austin Swaney

April 26, 2013

Austin Swaney scribes the final installment of Team Two Tales, a periodic player blog that will chronicle the 2013 men's lacrosse season. Members of Team Two will give fans an inside look into the program leading up to, during, and following the 2013 season.

What up fans? My name is Austin Swaney and I am a senior defenseman from East Grand Rapids, Mich. I am excited to have the opportunity to scribe the final Team Two Tales and recant our glorious and long-awaited victory. We are coming off one of our best games we’ve played all year, gaining a win against Saint Joseph’s in the Big House and looking straight into the eyes of Denver. Although the task is daunting, it’s going to be fun going out in a fight where we have nothing to lose and everything to prove.

In the beginning of the season, we put up some very promising numbers against our two scrimmage opponents, Marquette and Denison, winning by eight and seven scores, respectively. I was even more excited to be back on the field after I suffered a fractured kneecap during the fall and had to sit out for several months. I was fortunate that it happened before the season and I was all ready to go by our first game, Penn State, but found out luck was not going to stay on my side. I ended up injuring my quad in that game and injured it further in subsequent weeks. The MRI would reveal I had torn some of the tendon in my quad off the bone. This put me out for about half of our season and sadly seemed to plague me for the rest of it. I was bummed to say the least but knew exactly how to handle it, thanks to my good buddy from our club days, Jordan Bargas, who suffered a much worse series of knee injuries than mine.

But enough sulking, we just came off our first win of the season, Michigan’s first win in the Big House, and quite possibly a new team high in moral. You could see the excitement in everyone’s celebration and feel the relief that we finally accomplished what we knew we could do. It was evident that the lingering hunger to win we had last week, before the cancellation of our Detroit game, was finally satisfied. Needless to say, the vibes were good. The day was special for me in a few ways. It was Senior Day, so I got to start for the first time since before my injury, alongside my slightly worse-looking fifth year cohort, Rob Healy. It was also going to be my last home game and last chance to defend the Big House. No one on the team will say that winning that one game made our season, however it definitely made for a happy ending.

Lacrosse over the years has given me some of my fondest memories and introduced me to the greatest group of guys I know. Without it, my college experience would have been much nerdier and a lot less exciting. The things I am going to miss from team two are things that make our team unique, the quirky aspects. From senior Zach Dauch’s “John-ing” of every phrase known to man, to the freshmen’s over use of the words “for sure,” properly pronounced “fersher.” Don’t forget about the creative chirps on and off the field with all the elaborate handshakes in between (shout out to Mack Gembis’ and Sean Sutton’s excellent wrestler handshake), those will be the memories that I truly cherish. The team was able to enjoy the extremely efficient train Tuesday’s, Andrew Portnoy’s swag out Wednesday’s, and the team’s ponytail Friday are going to be the days I look back on and laugh when I’m remembering the good old times.

Team Two finishes out our year together this Saturday in beautiful Colorado against a highly skilled Denver team. After that, it’s off to real life for us seniors and summer jobs for the rest. To the fans, thank you for supporting us throughout the year and keeping up with the tales of Team Two, I hope you enjoyed them. Go Blue!

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