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Brian Archer

May 1, 2014

It's come to my attention that my blog is now the most-read blog on the internet. Time Magazine has started contacting me to arrange an interview and I'm pretty sure Guinness World Records 2014 already has me listed as Personality of the Year. Fortunately, my draft stock for Major League Lacrosse will not increase due to my fantastic blogging ability, so I won't have to worry about leaving school early and declaring for the draft.

Yet ...

The boys have been doing some cool stuff since the last blog entry -- including Kyle Jackson and Brad Lott being named All-ECAC first and second team members, respectively, Ian King, Andrew Hatton, Rob Zonino and Mikie Schlosser (once again, he's my roommate) were also named to the ECAC All-Rookie Team. On top of that, we have made our first ECAC Tournament appearance in program history. The only negative thing about making the tournament is that it's in the city of "that school down there."

Will all this extra time in the season since we made the playoffs, it's probably a good time to let you know how the team stayed beefy and lean and got through the year:

Buts Nuds -- buttered noodles, a staple of the Michigan lacrosse pregame menu.

Chicken on the bone -- most popular meat served, in what seems to be just about everywhere we go. Also, the least preferred meat.

Rockin' Refuels -- the only thing that gets us jacked up for lift are these little bottles of heaven we get afterwards.

Chocolate milk -- the less desired cousin of Rockin' Refuel. Likely leads to a less driven lift if we know this is the post-workout drink.

Jamwiches -- THE pre-practice snack of choice.

Luna Bars -- always the go-to pregame snack, S'mores and Lemon Zest in particular.

Eat like this and I assure you, you too can be as big as Andrew "Big Sexy" Mosko.

Disclaimer: Even if you eat like this you still might be the skinniest kid on the team like Gerald Logan.

We play No.1 seed Fairfield tonight in the semifinals of the tournament and it is going to be a wild one. We lost to them by one the first time we played (9-8 on April 5) so it's looking good for your Wolverines.

Be there at 5 p.m. to see history happen. (Or, you know, watch on TV, or follow @umichlacrosse for the latest and greatest updates).

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