FIL World Championships Q&A: Doug Bell
Doug Bell

July 2, 2014

A trio of former and incoming University Michigan men's lacrosse players will take part in the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships in Denver, Colo., to be held July 10-19. The first player highlighted in a three-part series is Doug Bell, a former attackman on U-M's MCLA Club Team (2005-08). Bell scored 17 goals and totaled 29 points in his four-year career. Bell, who will be playing for Bermuda, also played for the squad during the 2010 FIL World Championships.

Bermuda, a member of the Yellow Division, alongside France, Ireland and Uganda, will meet up with France on Friday (July 11) at 9 a.m.

Q: What is your affiliation to Bermuda?
A: I moved to Bermuda for work following graduation from U-M in 2008. I had no idea there was organized lacrosse in Bermuda, but after a quick Google search, I was able to get in touch with the Bermuda Lacrosse Association. I started playing with them right away and shortly after we began preparing for the 2010 Worlds. With my work permit, I was classified as a Bermuda resident, allowing my eligibility with the team. Pretty amazing sequence of luck!

Q: Since graduation, what have you been up to?
A: From 2008-2012, I worked as research technician for the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. I worked on an assortment of research projects around the world, spending about 70-100 days out at sea each year. Having been sufficiently hooked into oceanographic research, I returned to school at the University of South Carolina to pursue my doctorate. I've been at USC since 2012.

Q: How have you been training? How organized has team Bermuda been?
A: Preparation has been great so far from an individual standpoint, but it's tricky being separated from the team. I'm practicing twice a week with a local club team in Columbia, S.C., but so much of this tournament is based upon your conditioning. (I'm) really trying to maximize that aspect ... to be ready for seven games in eight days. The majority of the team was able to convene one more time in Bermuda for a week-long series of practices in June, so there's only so much you can do from a team standpoint. Again, conditioning is huge.

Doug Bell

Q: What made you come back for another go at it?
A: Lacrosse is the fasting growing sport in the US and that's for a reason -- it's an incredible sport to play. The opportunity to play in a tournament on the international stage is such a privilege. It's pretty exciting to walk around the tournament and hear all the different languages and know that they're there for lacrosse. Very lucky for the chance to help promote Bermuda in the now global lacrosse community.

Q: How will your previous experience in the tournament help you?
A: Knowing how to take care of yourself over a demanding schedule. We open with five straight full-length games. Potentially another day off, then two more.

Q: What are your expectations for the tournament? What are you trying to get out of it?
A: My expectation and I'm sure the team's as well is to promote Bermuda Lacrosse and encourage support for growing lacrosse nations. That will be through playing hard and with great sportsmanship. We not only want to have Bermuda recognized through the international community, but for the island we need to continue pursuing efforts to raise awareness of the lacrosse and the opportunity to be involved in Bermuda.

Q: How did Michigan prepare you for this experience?
A: Without a doubt I would not have this opportunity without my four years with the Michigan Lacrosse family. And it's without a doubt that I would not of been with Michigan Lacrosse without my father, Clark. Thankfully he put a stick in my hands while I was busy with soccer. His excitement and passion for the game is contagious. He's been a major part of my lacrosse career at every level, and while the son in me wants to roll my eyes when he worked the sidelines in the 2010 Worlds in Manchester, I couldn't be more grateful that we're able to share such unique time with each other.

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