Class One Q&A: Brad Lott
Brad Lott

Sept. 4, 2012

In the third entry in the question and answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Brad Lott, a former player for Trinity High School in Kentucky, is featured. Lott was one of three freshmen to take part in the U-M Summer Bridge Program, spending the majority of the summer taking classes and training for the upcoming season in Ann Arbor. Lott was an ESPN Rise All-America honorable mention and was ranked as the top faceoff recruiting in the country by ESPN.

On the challenge of the faceoff at the collegiate level ... "The main thing for me is I have to realize these guys have been facing off at the division I level where I was just facing off at the high school level. I just have keep working out and get as big as I possibly can and just stick to my game plan. Quick hands, just improve on every little aspect of my game, just tweak the technique a little bit and really listen to what the coaches have to tell me."

On how his wing play may help him in college game ... "Wing play is huge for me. I'll probably get to know my wing middies and longsticks really well. We'll need to get a good strategy and really let them figure me out and I'll figure them out so we get on the same page."

On how he would describe his faceoff style ... "I'm sneaky. Like I said, I'm not the biggest faceoff guy, but my technique and the things I do are a little bit different compared to everyone's traditional stance. I just do little tricks. I see other people facing off over the past years and I see what they do and I kind of put that into my game a little bit. I'm always tweaking the way I face off to win as many faceoffs as I possibly can."

On how he feels about being a part of class one for U-M men's lacrosse ... "I'm really looking forward to the whole D-I lacrosse atmosphere. Going against D-I competition, it's the real deal now, it's not high school anymore. That alone really just gets me pumped up and ready to go."

On what made him want to come to U-M the most ... "The thing the most was probably the size of the school. I like large atmospheres, a lot of people. Plus, considering Michigan is one of the best academic schools in the nation; that really sealed the deal for me."

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