Class One Q&A: Dan Kinek
Dan Kinek

Oct. 2, 2012

In the sixth question and answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Dan Kinek is profiled. Kinek, an Emmaus High School (Pa.) graduate, took a post-grad year at Avon Old Farms prep school in Connecticut. In his prep career he collected 200 goals and 300 assists, including 70 goals and 24 assists in his final year at Emmaus.

On attending Avon Old Farms prep school in Connecticut ... "The rigorous academics were much different than the public school system. It was much more work. It helped me prepare for college. Physically I took the year off, in the winter I played basketball for a year. I lifted all through winter, and gained about 10 pounds, which was good and helped me. Mentally it was kind of tough, because it is basically college D-I level. I get up, I have morning meetings, then classes, and then I would have class. It was just like one thing after the other."

On how playing basketball in high school helped with lacrosse ... "Some people think that basketball and lacrosse are kind of the same, which they kind of are. I was a point guard on the hardwood, so feeding the ball or feeding the lacrosse ball too, that helped. Being a part of a team, I was a captain my senior year and then my post-grad year, which helped my leadership skills."

On the toughest transition into college ... "I would say the big school atmosphere. I went to a big public school for four years and then I went to Avon, which holds about 300 or 400 kids. Definitely, I think the big campus is the biggest transition. Finding my way around to classes, getting to know the area, and getting use to high tempo lacrosse. Practices are much different than both high school and prep school."

On what type of lacrosse player you would describe yourself as ... "All five years I played d-mid and o-mid, so I would definitely consider myself a two-way midfielder. I think just getting up and down the field, and my ability to get passes into tight spots. I'm a pretty good feeder. Those are my strengths."

On what drew him to Michigan ... "I committed in August, which was before Avon. What drew me the most was probably the tradition, just everything that Michigan has to offer. The academics, as well as the facilities were both sticking points. When I first stepped foot into the athletic facilities -- that really drew my attention, especially the Ross Academic Center. All of the athletes are able to study in one place, which is extremely convenient. The lacrosse conference is also great, as we play Denver, Loyola, and Ohio State, so we have power houses on the schedule on a yearly basis."

On being part of Michigan's first lacrosse recruiting class ... "To be a part of something brand new that kind of also drew me the most. To be a part of a new program, it is Michigan, everyone knows about Michigan. Also, just the fact that we have a good chance of showing people we can compete in the next couple of years."

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