Class One Q&A: Charlie Keady
Charlie Keady

Oct. 22, 2012

In the ninth entry in the question and answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Charlie Keady, a Fairfield Prep High School (Conn.) graduate, is featured. Keady played club with the Connecticut Chargers and attended the Top 205 Camp as well as Jake Reed's Blue Chip Rising senior's camp prior to becoming a member of Class One.

On transitioning from an elite high school team to Division I college lacrosse ... "The speed of the game is definitely a lot faster and the practices are more efficient. I have never worked with a timed clock before during practices, so you're definitely more motivated to get from one drill to the next and you use your time well and keep the intensity up."

On what type of lacrosse player he is ... "I like to use my feet a lot and I really like to be aggressive and push out and go for the takeaways while bodying up the attack man. My style is a little bit more physical than others."

On being part of Michigan's first lacrosse recruiting class ... "It is definitely a privilege to be a part of class one. Obviously being afforded this great opportunity to go to a great school with athletics and academics being balanced almost perfectly you don't find that anywhere else. It is a lot of fun coming into a place that has a rich tradition in athletics and it is going to be fun to take part in the years to come."

On playing for defensive coach Ken Broschart ... "I think Coach Broschart is a great motivator. He is honest and he really tells it how it is. I think the new defensive scheme I have got to get used to it. It is a lot different than high school in terms of technique. We are used to doing a lot different stuff, but now to keep up speed and to play at the Division I level you have to switch things up a bit."

On playing multiple positions... "I think utility wise, I can faceoff and I can also get up and down the field as a long stick middie. Whenever I play close I like to push the ball up in transition and try to be an offensive threat also going down the field. I think playing long stick and close it helped me understand the way the offense moves and it helps me get a sense for the next move and what to anticipate."

On what he is most looking forward to this season ... "Going back to Fairfield is definitely going to be a big game for us this year. A lot of my family and friends back home are pulling for us. They would really like to see us to succeed this year. I actually worked out this summer with the strength and conditioning coach at Fairfield, so I am definitely looking to get a win for some personal pride in that matchup."

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