Class One Q&A: Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez

Nov. 1, 2012

In the 10th entry in the question-and-answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Mike Hernandez, a Piedmont (Calif.) High School graduate is profiled. Hernandez was team captain his senior year, as well as a US Lacrosse High School All-American.

On transitioning from high school to Division I college lacrosse ... "The transition has been pretty tough for me. In California it is not as competitive as it is on the East Coast, so the pace of the game has been the biggest transition for me."

On how he would describe himself as lacrosse player ... "My playing style is more transitional. I am a very run-and-gun kind of player. I like to push tempo a lot, and I try to use my length and my legs to run down the field as fast as possible. I try to create opportunities for my teammates."

On what drew him to the University of Michigan ... "Just the vastness of the school. I always wanted to go to a big school, and when I was four I was wearing a Michigan hat actually around the house. Apparently I have wanted to go since I was four. The athletics, as well as academics, really drew me to this school. And it is just prestigious."

On California being well represented at Michigan ... "There are actually a lot of kids that apply from my school to Michigan and that actually come here. There were four last year and there was four this year, so hopefully that continues."

On how playing water polo helped with lacrosse ... "Water polo is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do before I came here because the workouts are pretty tough here. My mom played water polo and I grew up around water polo. She was the coach for Cal for a while and water polo is a really tough sport. It gets you to grind things out and get dirty, and it really just toughens yourself up."

On being part of Michigan's first lacrosse recruiting class ... "It means a lot to me. This is the first step in many steps for this program. This is just kind of surreal and real at the same time. It is a complete honor to be a part of class one. Michigan is playing big time lacrosse and it is definitely a huge step."

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