Class One Q&A: Chris Walker
Chris Walker

Dec. 6, 2012

In the 14th entry in the question-and-answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Chris Walker, a Brother Rice High School (Mich.) graduate, is featured. Walker played three years of varsity lacrosse and was named captain for his junior and senior years. During his junior and senior prep seasons, he earned All-America, all-state and all-Midwest honors. Additionally, he garnered all-Catholic League honors and Defensive MVP as a junior, and he was named to the North American Lacrosse Invitational All-Tournament Team as a senior.

On transitioning from high school lacrosse to Division I... "The pace of play is a lot different. You can be a great high school player and then step onto a Division I team, and you can just be very average or even below average. I think putting in a lot of the extra effort outside of the team hours on your own I think is what separates great players from good players."

On what drew him to Michigan ... "Being from Michigan I know all about the Michigan tradition. So I know not only about the great athletic tradition it has here but also the academic prestige it has."

On being part of Michigan's first lacrosse recruiting class ... "I think it is pretty sick. We are pretty much making history as odd as that sounds. Everyone in the class is a bunch of cool guys and we're all really close. Just building that bond with them is pretty special."

On playing lacrosse at a high school in close proximity to campus ... "Actually, I do not think it played that big of role in why I chose Michigan. Sure that definitely helped, but I think the biggest thing that drew me to Michigan was the academic reputation because as most people know there is not much of a future in pro lacrosse. You have to be smart too and get a good degree to excel in life."

On what type of lacrosse defender you would describe yourself as ... "In high school, I was mostly a takeaway defenseman, and I thought I had pretty good footwork. Now in college, I would say I am more of a technical defender. Playing good position, having good footwork are both vital just because guys are a lot better at this level so takeaways are not as much a part of the game as they were in high school."

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