Class One Q&A: Cooper Charlton
Cooper Charlton

Dec. 17, 2012

In the 17th question-and-answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Cooper Charlton, a 2011 graduate of Hudson High School (Hudson, Ohio), is profiled. Prior to taking a post-graduate year at the Hill Academy in Toronto, he was a U.S. Lacrosse All-American as a senior and was a team defensive MVP as a junior and senior. In addition to lacrosse, he was a three-year letterwinner in basketball and was a team captain twice.

On transition from high school to Division I... "From an academic perspective, the transition has been challenging. Taking a post-graduate year at The Hill Academy in Canada created an environment that demanded time management but nothing I've done matches up to the rigor of Michigan's coursework. The athletic routine prepared me extremely well for Division I athletics; early mornings, high physical demands and consistent training all built my respect for the life of a committed student-athlete."

What drew him to Michigan the most... "Growing up in Ohio, I often kept it a secret that I spent all my summers in Traverse City. I've always loved Michigan and when I heard the Wolverines made the move to the varsity level, they instantly became my number one school of choice. The idea of attending one of the best academic schools in the world was a dream come true, now I must try to fill the shoes of the Michigan men who came before me."

On being a part of the first freshman class... "It's not every day that a place with such rich tradition creates an opportunity for a new chapter to be written. The athletic department has put the team in a position to be extremely successful and alongside the leadership of Team One, all I can say is how honored I am to be part of the team."

You did a lot on your own in promoting yourself as a recruit (YouTube, etc.) How does that help a player gain exposure? Did you do it for the love of the game?
"Coming from Hudson you don't see Inside Lacrosse coverage on the sidelines. My parents and I had to create a plan in order to get myself out there. I was never a high-level recruit. I missed out on invite only recruiting tournaments so I had to create a different exposure angle with my website and YouTube videos. I suppose you could phrase it was due to my love for the game and desire to play at the next level. I had to take these extra steps."

What will it be like playing with Kyle Jackson, who was one of your teammates at Hill Academy?
"Playing with KJ is a privilege. I feel my best attributes are my hard work and passion, but having the opportunity to step onto the pitch with a player who has both those attributes coupled with pure talent is something special. Playing with Kyle in Canada without a doubt made me a better player; he's the type of kid who makes the whole team better. Off the field, it has been nice to have a good friend one floor above you in dorm life."

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