Blue Collar Blog: Season Opener Looming
Adam Grinwis

Aug 28, 2013

The Wolverines will give fans the inside scoop on the goings on of Michigan men's soccer all season in the Blue Collar Blog. Adam Grinwis brings us installment number two.

How's it going U of M soccer fans? Your goalkeeper, Adam Grinwis, here again with the second installment of this seasons "Blue Collar Blog."

As preseason comes to a close, we begin to narrow in on our first game this Friday vs. Loyola Chicago! Preseason has been a long and demanding few weeks, but we have learned to embrace the process. Our team has enjoyed the time spent together, as we've all begun to grow closer on and off the field. When you see the same guys day in day out, you don't really have a choice! The chemistry of the team builds off the pitch and you can see those relationships translate onto the pitch. We've really enjoyed integrating the freshman class into the program Coach Daley and the staff are continuing to build. Preseason is kind of a right of passage. It has a funny way of bringing the guys together through hard work.

All that hard work will come into play this weekend as we kick off the season Friday night at 4 pm. We know Loyola-Chicago will be a great opponent and the season opener is always filled with great energy and competition. Hardly three days later we play a tough opponent in Bowling Green. This opening weekend is what we have been looking forward to all season and everyone is excited and buzzing to get the season underway.

Each class is different, but this freshman class is filled with different personalities. Each player brings something different to the team and it really helps create a rounded and balanced squad. Throughout our exhibition games, they have grown in confidence and begun to take on bigger roles on the field. Incorporating and meshing the freshman personalities with our returning players isn't always easy, but these guys bring a level of skill and intensity that makes this transition much smoother.

As the keeper and co-captain I have to manage the freshman and coach them from the back after guys like Brian Klemczak and Kofi Opare leaves spots open for these freshman to step into. Guys like Andre Morris and Rylee Woods are just two players to name that I may have to work with in front of me this season. Lucky for me these guys aren't too hard headed and, as a defensive unit, we can coach and mentor these new faces as we complete our transition into a new era of Michigan soccer.

Even with cooperating teammates, it's not always easy getting everyone to listen to the goalkeeper. Yes, I do see everything on the field because of where I stand, but keepers are also known to be a little bit of a different breed. I've always felt I didn't fall into that stereotype, but I'll let my teammates be the judge of that. People always say there is something a little off about the guy who is willing to dive in front of those driven strikes from different angles and varying speeds, but to me, that's just a cliché.

Thanks to all the fans for reading the second entry of this new, exciting endeavor for this year's squad. Please check back throughout the season to stay in the know with all that is going on in U-M men's soccer! See you all Friday afternoon and we look forward to all the fans joining the best support group in the NCAA, the Michigan Ultras!

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