Blue Collar Blog: The Next 200 Feet
Ezekiel Harris

Sept. 13, 2013

The Wolverines will give fans the inside scoop on the goings on of Michigan men's soccer all season in the Blue Collar Blog. Ezekiel Harris brings us installment number four.

Fifteen games. That is exact amount of guaranteed games I have left in my final season at an amazing school that has given me so much. Like all seniors this year, I want to make every single pass, play, and tackle knowing it could give my team the edge to win. It’s funny how quickly it goes, it seems like yesterday I was holding up the Big Ten tournament trophy and making a Cinderella run to the Final Four in 2010. However, it is my goal this year to make new memories rather than dwell on past accomplishments.

I hope the first one this season came in our previous game in which I had the honor to wear the captain’s band. I don’t want to steal too many of Tom Brady’s words, but it truly is the best honor I have had in my career, and that includes my freshman year when we made NCAA history. Being captain comes with many pressures, but I think of the great opportunity I have to lead a team so laced with talent to fulfill the great expectations we have for ourselves. The coaching staff pushes us to achieve new heights, and what Michigan demands from each of its student-athletes.

Luckily all we have to do as players -- instead of consume ourselves with what we have left -- is to concentrate on the next 200 feet. And as we turn the corner and get our legs under us the next 200 feet is Marquette. A nationally ranked opponent and perennial power that we play Friday at 7 p.m. is in our headlights as we shift into gear. Being 2-0-2 at the end of the game is what our focus is on.

I’ll keep this short and direct, I believe in this team and mark my words when I say at the end of the year we will fight, we will win, and when I look back on what the 2013-14 team did I will not talk about the "what ifs" but what we did do.

Forever Go Blue!


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