Blue Collar Blog: Senior Year, Knocking Off the Buckeyes
Malcolm Miller

Oct. 8, 2013

The Wolverines will give fans the inside scoop on the goings on of Michigan men's soccer all season in the Blue Collar Blog. Malcolm Miller covers this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying life and sharing those moments with the people who make them the happiest. This is senior forward Malcolm Miller, and I will be delivering the next installment of the "Blue Collar Blog," along with my reflections on what it means to play for the "Block M."

At this point in the season the feeling of being a senior has firmly set in. Each game becomes that much more important and even with every win, I cannot help but watch the season pass right before my eyes. I catch myself enraptured in the process, from the stretching of my jersey over my back to the loosening of my cleats as I head into the locker room postgame.

Nonetheless, nothing can be more satisfying than a road win against that school in Ohio. We knew we'd be in for a fight as we made our way down to Columbus this past weekend. The atmosphere was set: a Big Ten game, the quest to be and remain above .500, and finally, OSU teetering on the brink of a defeat. Having gotten the offense back on the right track last weekend, we all felt certain that a win was in the works. We are very confident in our abilities as a unit and consistency has been the only task. If we can continue to have composure and stick to our brand of soccer we will undoubtedly put together a great regular season and deep push into the postseason.

With the regular season more than half over, I am approaching the inevitable finale of my collegiate soccer career. The role I now assume as a senior seemed so far in the future even just a year ago. As a result, the level of urgency and competitiveness are at an all-time high. The senior class competes like our very lives depend on it. This mentality has permeated the freshman class and has allowed them to step up into some pivotal roles. Given the size of the freshman class, this transition was hoped for early on, but now it has become the standard expectation.

At the end of my time competing and representing the University of Michigan, I plan on living overseas for a few years as I gain working experience before pursing my MBA. I am currently studying behavioral and cognitive neuroscience but looking to work in the marketing/advertising field. I cannot even begin to explain the lessons and impact soccer has had upon my development as a person on and off the field.

I look forward to seeing the program continue to succeed and build upon the culture that has been paved before them. The underclassmen are more than capable and will do great things individually and collectively.

Go Blue!

Malcolm Miller #20

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