Postmeet Quotes: NCAA Championships - Day 2

March 28, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On day two ... "We had some good swims. You saw Richard (Funk) come out from the far lane in the 100-yard breaststroke. He had a swim-off just to get in and ended up getting third. That was a great swim. Bruno was right on from his time in the morning. It's a tough, tough meet and we knew it would be that way coming in. Our guys are stepping up and scrapping. We swim fast in the morning. We know that if we don't, we don't get any spots in the evening. Our 400 IMers really put it out there, not just for themselves, but for the team. We needed to get our 200-yard freestylers going. Once you get some momentum behind you, you can move forward with the guys that are on the lower end. That's what they tried to do. Swimming next to a national record-holder isn't an easy thing to do, but they did a great job at setting the table."

On swimming alongside other swimmers who set national records ... "You have to be the best you can be. We know we worked hard all year. We know we've outworked the field to get here. Sometimes, there's a difference in talent. When you're next to a guy like Kevin Cordes or Chase Kalisz, winning is going to be tough. Those guys are great swimmers. Michigan is known for working hard and battling tough and we're proving that. We are tough and that's how we're staying in the game."

On the change in mentality ... "We haven't been behind for the last two years really. As we talk about, it's a character-building opportunity. It's about every inch of toughness that you put into it. That's what it's about right now. Tomorrow, we have to get that 400-yard freestyle relay into the final. We have to. That's our number one priority. We have the 200-yard breaststroke with Richard. We've got the 200-yard butterfly with Kyle (Whitaker) and Dylan (Bosch). And the mile is going to be great. We're going to try and get Bruno into the 100-yard freestyle somewhere. We'll see what happens."

U-M Senior Michael Wynalda
On where the team is heading into the last day of the season ... "We'll definitely be ready to go tomorrow. Most teams slow down the last day, but we're good at getting faster each day. Tomorrow should be good for us."

On the 200-yard freestyle ... "I swam next to [Joao] De Lucca last year. He's been a huge motivator for me this entire season. Being next to him was great. He's so fast and he goes out fast. I just tried to stay with him and swim my race as best I could. I'm happy with it."

On tomorrow being the final day of college swimming ... "The points might not be going out way, but I'm enjoying every second with these guys. We've done so much together. It's been a great time. We're definitely going to go out with a bang for sure."

U-M Junior Richard Funk
On the swim-off ... "At first, it's sort of like, 'Well, I don't really want to do another one of these.' I wasn't very happy with my prelim time, but I wasn't too disappointed with having to do it again. I think it gave me some momentum coming into tonight, which was good. To have two up in that event was very good. We haven't done that in a while, maybe ever. It felt good to get back into it after the morning. I think it gave me an edge tonight. To get third place from an outside lane, I'm very happy."

On the team's mindset heading into the final day ... "Just to have fun and see what happens. This is a much different team than last year. We've got a smaller team and less people in the stands. At this point, it gives us an opportunity to swim with nothing to lose. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and I think you'll see some great times out of the boys."

On switching mentalities on the last day compared to the entire season ... "We've spent most of the season with a lead in just about every one of our meets this year. This is a reminder that there are some very good teams in the NCAA. We're one of them. Again, it's so different than last year, but this team has a lot of fight and we're not going to stop fighting for points."