Postmeet Quotes: NCAA Championships - Day 3

March 29, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On the final day of the NCAA Championships ... "Yesterday, the realization after the morning that a win wasn't a possibility. The first and second-place teams were moving away from us, but we had a possibility of getting third, but even that was a small one. We had Georgia behind us. We had to take a look around. We've got a way of saying, 'Here we are.' We take a moment and pause and say, 'Here we are.' At that point, all we're trying to do is pull together as a team to decide where we want to go. We did that this morning and the guys responded. This morning, you could see every one of them swam best times or near-best times."

On the legacy of this senior class ... "They came in as a strong class and changed the culture of our program. The first question I was asked by some of these parents on recruiting trips was, 'When is Michigan going to win a title?' That was the expectation of this class coming in. We would strive for the highest level of excellence and that's NCAA titles."

On Connor Jaeger ... "We're so proud of Connor's representation of team. And it's not just in his swimming, but how he is an individual and how he represents this team over and over again. He leads this team even when he's feeling like he's not contributing like he wants to. He stands up and contributes in a lot of other ways."

On Dylan Bosch ... "We all knew he was going under 1:40.00 in the near future. We didn't think he'd go down so far under 1:40 to break that record. You could see the excitement in Dylan's response. It was pointing to the team and slapping the Block M on his side and giving a lot of credit to his team, this senior class and all those who've trained around him to help him achieve the things he's achieved."

U-M Senior Connor Jaeger
On how it feels to repeat as national champion ... "It's special. I don't think I'm fully appreciating it yet. Sitting there in that pool after the race and knowing that I won in my last race for Michigan with my team on the edge of the pool and my parents in the stands, that's what was special."

On providing the boost that was needed all weekend ... "These guys have been pouring their hearts out all weekend and carrying me. This was my opportunity to pump them up with their last swims of the weekend coming up. I hope I was able to light a little fire."

On winning his last college race ... "My mentality going into this meet was so different than any before just because of how incredibly sentimental it is to do your last college meet. Maybe I'm going to be lucky enough to continue swimming beyond this, but it's never going to be the same, and it will never compare to the years I spent swimming for Michigan."

On defending his title ... "Coming into the meet I was thinking a lot about defending the title. Then tonight thinking about the team scores I just wanted to get as many points as I could."

U-M Sophomore Dylan Bosch
On winning the national title in the 200-yard butterfly ... "Man, I am so happy. I could honestly cry right now. I'm holding it back. This is such a great feeling. You know, we're not going to win this year, but it's Michigan and we fought hard all weekend. It's a great place to be. I'm so happy to be a part of this team."

On establishing the record ... "It's a really tough race. When you're so far into it, that last 50 yards starts to creep up like it's a big gorilla sitting on your back. The whole race felt good. To be so far ahead gives you a little bit of a boost. You know the whole crowd is cheering for you. It was so easier compared to this morning. We switched our strategy up and it paid off really well."

On his first NCAA individual title ... "It feels great. I was a first-seed last year at my first NCAAs. That was a great experience being next to (California's) Tom (Shields, in 2013). But I kind of wanted to win that one. I was just a freshman so I was pretty young. A year later and it's an amazing feeling. It's a really fast meet, it's probably one of the fastest meets in the world. So, to be on the top of that podium is an awesome feeling and just a testament to how great the guys are at Michigan and how well we all train. I couldn't have done it without them."

On his race strategy ... "It's changed over the two years I've been here. I had never really swam yards before since before I came to America. It was a little different experience but my strategy was always just, the first 50, just easy speed, pretty light, and build into the second 50. I had some trouble with that the last couple of races. Then you get tired towards the end but just before the race Mike (Bottom) told me to build into the second 50 from the first one. I tried that and it worked well and that's the strategy."