Postmeet Quotes: U.S. Winter National Championships - Day 2

Dec. 6, 2013


Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On Michael Wynalda's record-setting performance ... "What do you say about his night? He broke a crazy record held by Tyler Clary that he held suited -- full-suited -- that's a crazy record. And he did it unshaved. Then he comes up on the 800-yard freestyle relay and was not too far off it. The relay was really good. Jack Mangan, a freshman, swam third on that relay at 1:36. That was an All-American relay; we divided our relays because the American relays score points."

On signs of resiliency in the program ... "Another example of that was Kyle Whitaker coming in for the 400-yard IM, he was tired -- his last 50 he fell apart. Then he had the 200-freestyle and stepped up, was as fast as he's been all year and his best unshaved. And then in the last two relays, although we DQed our foreign relay -- we would've gone 1-2 in that one. Those are learning points. A jump is a desire to win, and we have to be able to control that and focus that desire to win and keep it within the boundaries and keep going."

On the depth developing among the breaststrokers ... "When you think about it, again these guys unshaved. (Matt) McNamara did a best time, not just best in season. And so did Chris Klein. Both are young, and both are up and coming. Their times, with a little drop, will score at Big Tens. That's what we need; we need guys like Matt and Chris to score at Big Tens in order to win. We can't just win with big dogs; we win with a team, and these guys are a team."

On what both teams are showing through two days ... "The men's and women's teams are really coming together at this meet. That's part of the strategy for the long term of the program that the men and women would be supportive (of each other) and be the leaders and the best in the country -- both in the water and out of the water."