Postmeet Quotes: U.S. Winter National Championships - Day 3

Dec. 7, 2013


Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On Dylan Bosch ... "Dylan had a great meet. We talked a little about him yesterday swimming so many different events. It was no surprise he swam well. It was, though, a little surprising to see how fast he swam knowing we weren't ready to go fully when we left Ann Arbor. He's had a great season. He's a great leader and is someone who does things well outside the pool."

On Richard Funk and the ever-evolving breaststroke group ... "Richard Funk is a fighter, and he is a leader. That breaststroke group is fortunate to have someone that pushes everyone to get better. They're all chasing him, and he's not afraid of that. They keep coming after him, and they'll keep doing that to get better."

On the distance group ... "It was fun to watch Connor (Jaeger) do his thing and Michael Klueh, of course, who trains with us, finishing right behind him. One of the guys that really stepped up tonight was Anders Nielsen. He did better tonight than he did at NCAAs last year. We needed some milers coming into the season, and Anders and Cameron Stitt are stepping up."

On his overall takeaway from the meet on both sides ... "We're getting better on all fronts, but we aren't where we need to be in order to perform at a high level at the end of the season. We have to get better in our technique and execution. We DQed three relays, missed some turns and missed some pacing. We can be better. This team will go back to Ann Arbor and get better."

U-M Senior Michael Wynalda
On if he knew he set the record at the end of the 200-yard freestyle on Friday ... "At first, I was a little shocked. I thought I might have missed the pad. I knew I was going way faster than 1:36.00. I wasn't sure if I had the record. I was bummed out that I might have missed the pad, but then it flashed on the board, and everyone went nuts. It was pretty crazy."

On having the record ... "It means the world to me. The more I think about it, the more crazy it sounds. Training with Tyler (Clary) and getting to know all the people that swam that race before me, it's insane to think about. I wasn't expecting to go that fast, especially this time in the season."

On his overall performance at the meet ... "I'm really happy with my swims. I came pretty close to my personal best in the 500-yard freestyle and had a best time on the relay in the 50-yard freestyle and on the 200-yard freestyle relay. For being the middle of the season, I didn't have any expectations. The team energy was ridiculous. Lots of guys were swimming fast. Dylan killed it tonight. We were unshaved and were swimming against guys that were shaved and tapered for this meet."

On the team energy contributing to fast swimming ... "It was loud every session, whether it was preliminaries or finals. Someone said they were watching the live stream and called it the 'Let's Go Blue Audio Channel' because that's all they could hear. It was good team energy on both sides and was a combined team effort in the water and out of it. The coaches were really encouraging the whole time."

U-M Sophomore Dylan Bosch
On his 200-yard butterfly, from preliminaries to finals ... "I go back to the second day, yesterday, when I swam the 400-yard IM. That race was one of hardest swims I've had in a long time. My body broke down, and my legs were exhausted. At night, I dropped some time and had a good swim. This morning was pretty similar. By this time, you're lethargic. I decided to go for it this morning and see what I could do. I was happy with a 1:42.9 and felt pretty good during the warm-ups tonight. I wanted to cruise through the first 50 and see where I was at and go from there. I wasn't expecting to go 1:41.0. I'm very happy. I could hear the guys on the side of the bench cheering and going crazy. It gave me a little something to help bring it home."

On the meet ... "It was tough. I had never swum this much and won't swim this much at NCAAs or Big Tens, but it was good practice to see if I can be on the relays and handle a tough schedule. You always want to swim fast and do well for Michigan every time you're in the water. It was fun."