This Week in Michigan Men's Swimming & Diving #11
Kyle Whitaker

Feb. 25, 2013

Wed-Sat., Feb. 27-March 2 -- at Big Ten Championships (Bloomington, Ind.), 11 a.m./6:30 p.m. [ Live Results | Championships Central | U-M Twitter Updates ]

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The No. 3-ranked University of Michigan men's swimming and diving team looks to capture its third straight Big Ten championship at the conference meet this week, beginning Wednesday (Feb. 27) at the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center in Bloomington, Ind. The team with the most points at the end of the four-day meet will be crowned champion on Saturday (March 2). Preliminaries will be held at 11 a.m., with event finals commencing at 6:30 p.m.

The meet will be shown in condensed form by the Big Ten Network on Sunday, March 9, at 10 a.m. EDT. Bernie Guenther (play-by-play) and Rowdy Gaines (analyst) will call the action.

Tickets are available to purchase through the Indiana University Athletics Ticket Office. All-session passes are $40 for adults. Youth tickets are available on a single-session basis only. For single sessions, adult tickets are $8, and youth tickets (ages 3 through college) are $5. To purchase in advance, call 1-866-487-7678. Single-session tickets may be purchased on the day of the event at the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center.


Wednesday, Feb. 27
200-yard Medley Relay
800-yard Freestyle Relay

Thursday, Feb. 28
500-yard Freestyle
200-yard Individual Medley
50-yard Freestyle
One-meter Diving
400-yard Medley Relay

Friday, March 1
400-yard Individual Medley
100-yard Butterfly
200-yard Freestyle
100-yard Breaststroke
100-yard Backstroke
Three-meter Diving
200-yard Freestyle Relay

Saturday, March 2
200-yard Backstroke
100-yard Freestyle
200-yard Breaststroke
200-yard Butterfly
Platform Diving
1,650-yard Freestyle
400-yard Freestyle Relay

The following Michigan swimmers are ranked in the top eight of the Big Ten Conference. The top eight would be in the 'A' final at this week's meet. The number in parentheses correlates to the number of Wolverines ranked in each event. Michigan has at least two ranked in every event excluding the 100-yard backstroke (one) and the 200-yard backstroke (none).

Event Name Big Ten Rank/Time
50-yard Freestyle (3) Evan Gregg 1st - 19.79
  Zachary Turk 2nd - 19.82
  Miguel Ortiz 3rd - 19.83
100-yard Freestyle (4) Miguel Ortiz 2nd - 43.41
  Bruno Ortiz 3rd - 43.44
  Zachary Turk 4th - 43.60
  Sean Fletcher 5th - 43.82
200-yard Freestyle (5) Anders Lie Nielsen 1st - 1:33.66
  Michael Wynalda 2nd - 1:34.46
  Daniel Miller 4th - 1:36.11
  Connor Jaeger 7th - 1:36.65
  Justin Glanda 8th - 1:36.87
500-yard Freestyle (5) Connor Jaeger 1st - 4:14.84
  Ryan Feeley 2nd - 4:17.62
  Daniel Miller 4th - 4:20.90
  Michael Wynalda 5th - 4:21.19
  Hassaan Abdel Khalik 8th - 4:22.02
1,650-yard Freestyle (3) Connor Jaeger 1st - 14:43.73
  Ryan Feeley 2nd - 14:55.86
  Sean Ryan 8th - 15:24.42
100-yard Backstroke (1) Miguel Ortiz 2nd - 46.67
100-yard Breaststroke (3) Richard Funk 1st - 53.08
  Bruno Ortiz 2nd - 53.54
  Matt McNamara 8th - 54.56
200-yard Breaststroke (5) Richard Funk 1st - 1:54.39
  Matt McNamara 4th - 1:58.08
  Dylan Bosch 5th - 1:58.39
  Paul Corbae 6th - 1:58.61
  Kyle Duckitt 8th - 1:59.13
100-yard Butterfly (3) Miguel Ortiz 3rd - 46.79
  John Wojciechowski 5th - 47.05
  Sean Fletcher 6th - 47.18
200-yard Butterfly (3) Dylan Bosch 1st - 1:43.61
  John Wojciechowski 3rd - 1:44.89
  Kyle Whitaker 6th - 1:46.71
200-yard IM (2) Kyle Whitaker 1st - 1:44.40
  Dylan Bosch 4th - 1:46.39
400-yard IM (3) Kyle Whitaker 1st - 3:44.68
  Connor Jaeger 2nd - 3:47.43
  Dylan Bosch 5th - 3:50.70


The following student-athletes have automatic or provisional qualifying times for the 2013 NCAA Championships, to be held March 28-30 at the IU Natatorium and the IUPUI Sports Complex in Indianapolis, Ind. Swimming selections will be made for the meet on Wednesday, March 13, while divers will be determined following the results of the NCAA Zone Diving Championships, which will take place March 16-18.

This season, 26 swimmers have compiled 63 NCAA automatic or provisional qualifying times (in individual events only), while five divers have achieved 14 NCAA Zone Diving qualifying scores. Michigan has seven automatic qualifying times: one on each of the five relays and two from junior Connor Jaeger (500-yard freestyle and 1,650-yard freestyle).
[ Stats: Swimming (Top Times) | Diving | Qualifying Standards ]

* Automatic qualifying time
# Provisional qualifying time
^ Zone Diving qualifying score

Hassaan Abdel Khalik

200-yard Freestyle (1:36.88#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:22.02#)
800-yard Freestyle Relay (6:22.90*)

Dylan Bosch
200-yard Breaststroke (1:58.39#)
100-yard Butterfly (48.01#)
200-yard Butterfly (1:43.61#)
200-yard IM (1:46.39#)
400-yard IM (3:50.70#)

Peter Brumm
200-yard Freestyle (1:37.50#)
100-yard Butterfly (48.16#)
200-yard IM (1:48.99#)

Paul Corbae
100-yard Breaststroke (55.11#)
200-yard Breaststroke (1:58.61#)

Kyle Duckitt
100-yard Breaststroke (55.22#)
200-yard Breaststroke (1:59.13#)

Timothy Faerber
One-meter diving (307.35^)
Three-meter diving (328.35^)
Platform diving (337.40^)

Ryan Feeley
500-yard Freestyle (4:17.62#)
1,650-yard Freestyle (14:55.86#)

Sean Fletcher
50-yard Freestyle (20.17#)
100-yard Freestyle (43.82#)
100-yard Backstroke (48.20#)
100-yard Butterfly (47.18#)
200-yard Freestyle Relay (1:17.79*)
400-yard Freestyle Relay (2:53.78*)
200-yard Medley Relay (1:24.69*)
400-yard Medley Relay (3:08.97*)

Richard Funk
100-yard Breaststroke (53.08#)
200-yard Breaststroke (1:54.39#)
200-yard IM (1:48.22#)
400-yard Medley Relay (3:08.97*)

Justin Glanda
200-yard Freestyle (1:36.87#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:23.22#)
800-yard Freestyle Relay (6:22.90*)

Evan Gregg
50-yard Freestyle (19.79#)
200-yard Freestyle Relay (1:17.79*)

Connor Jaeger
200-yard Freestyle (1:36.65#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:14.84*)
1,650-yard Freestyle (14:43.73*)
400-yard IM (3:47.43#)
800-yard Freestyle Relay (6:22.90*)

Thomas Jahnke
One-meter diving (327.00^)
Three-meter diving (351.30^)
Platform diving (330.70^)

Ryutaro Kamiya
200-yard Backstroke (1:44.87#)

Jack Lee
One-meter diving (336.82^)
Three-meter diving (321.65^)
Platform diving (326.35^)

Anders Lie Nielsen
200-yard Freestyle (1:33.66#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:22.23#)

Connor McCarroll
200-yard Backstroke (1:45.03#)

Matt McNamara
100-yard Breaststroke (54.56#)
200-yard Breaststroke (1:58.08#)
200-yard IM (1:47.92#)

Daniel Miller
200-yard Freestyle (1:36.11#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:20.90#)

Bruno Ortiz
50-yard Freestyle (20.06#)
100-yard Freestyle (43.44#)
100-yard Breaststroke (53.54#)
100-yard Butterfly (47.45#)
400-yard Freestyle Relay (2:53.78*)
200-yard Medley Relay (1:24.69*)

Miguel Ortiz
50-yard Freestyle (19.83#)
100-yard Freestyle (43.41#)
100-yard Backstroke (46.67#)
200-yard Backstroke (1:45.05#)
100-yard Butterfly (46.79#)
200-yard Freestyle Relay (1:17.79*)
400-yard Freestyle Relay (2:53.78*)
200-yard Medley Relay (1:24.69*)
400-yard Medley Relay (3:08.97*)

Jeremy Raisky
100-yard Butterfly (47.76#)

Will Raynor
200-yard IM (1:48.06#)

Nate Rietberg
One-meter diving (318.45^)
Three-meter diving (350.10^)

James Ross
One-meter diving (333.52^)
Three-meter diving (380.62^)
Platform diving (326.40^)

Sean Ryan
500-yard Freestyle (4:22.77#)
1,650-yard Freestyle (15:24.42#)

Zachary Turk
50-yard Freestyle (19.82#)
100-yard Freestyle (43.60#)
200-yard Freestyle Relay (1:17.79*)
400-yard Freestyle Relay (2:53.78*)
200-yard Medley Relay (1:24.69*)
400-yard Medley Relay (3:08.97*)

Kyle Whitaker
200-yard Butterfly (1:46.71#)
200-yard IM (1:44.40#)
400-yard IM (3:44.68#)

John Wojciechowski
100-yard Butterfly (47.05#)
200-yard Butterfly (1:44.89#)
200-yard IM (1:47.76#)

Michael Wynalda
200-yard Freestyle (1:34.46#)
500-yard Freestyle (4:21.19#)
800-yard Freestyle Relay (6:22.90*)

Matt Zimmerman
200-yard Freestyle (1:37.81#)


• In its history, Michigan has won 36 Big Ten Conference team championships, more than any other conference member. That includes a streak of 10 straight championships from 1986-95 under coach Jon Urbanchek. Additionally, Michigan student-athletes have won a total of 471 championships -- 339 in individual swimming events, 114 on relays and 18 in diving. From an awards standpoint, a Michigan swimmer has been named Big Ten Swimmer of the Year in 16 of the last 19 seasons (last: Dan Madwed in 2012), and U-M has had the Big Ten Freshman of the Year 11 times since 1992 (last: Kyle Whitaker in 2011). At the championships level, Michigan has been awarded the Swimmer of the Championships in four of the last five seasons (Dan Madwed, 2012; Tyler Clary, 2009-10; Alex Vanderkaay, 2008 co-recipient).

• The Wolverines won last year's title by a 738.5-552.5 margin over second-place Ohio State, winning 10 of the 18 swimming events and scoring points on one-meter and platform diving. Ex-Wolverine standout Dan Madwed (2009-12) won conference titles in the 100- and 200-yard butterfly and contributed to two relay wins (400-yard medley relay and 800-yard freestyle relay) en route to being named Big Ten Swimmer of the Championships. He was one of 14 All-Big Ten selections last season, joining fellow first teamers Miguel Ortiz, Richard Funk, John Wojciechowski, Evan Gregg, Michael Wynalda, Connor Jaeger, Kyle Whitaker, Sean Fletcher and Ryan Feeley. Bruno Ortiz, Roman Willets and Sean Ryan were named to the second team.

Kyle Whitaker is one of six Big Ten individual champions on this year's roster, having claimed conference titles in both the 200- and 400-yard IM in each of his first two years at Michigan. Three others enter this year's meet looking to defend individual titles won from last season, including Connor Jaeger (1,650-yard freestyle), Ryan Feeley (500-yard freestyle) and Michael Wynalda (200-yard freestyle). Sean Ryan (2011: 1,650-yard freestyle) and Sean Fletcher (2011: 100-yard butterfly) are the others.

• The Wolverines have a history of dominance at the Big Ten Championships. Michigan has several title-winning streaks heading into this week's championships: 15 in the 400-yard IM (1998-2012), 12 in the 800-yard freestyle relay (2001-12), seven in the 200-yard freestyle (2006-12), five in the 200-yard IM and 400-yard medley relay (2008-12), four in the 100-yard butterfly (2009-12), and three in the 200-yard medley relay (2010-12). In the distance freestyle races, Michigan has won 18 of the last 20 conference titles in both the 500-yard freestyle (no wins in 1996 and 2010) and 1,650-yard freestyle (no wins in 2003 and 2010). It has also won eight of the last nine in the 200-yard butterfly.

• Michigan holds Big Ten Championships records in eight events: 200-yard freestyle (Dan Madwed, 2009), 500-yard freestyle (Peter Vanderkaay, 2005), 1,650-yard freestyle (Chris Thompson, 2001), 100-yard butterfly (Chris Brady, 2009), 200-yard butterfly (Dan Madwed, 2011), 200-yard IM (Tyler Clary, 2010), 400-yard IM (Tyler Clary, 2009) and the 800-yard freestyle relay (Dan Madwed, Andre Schultz, Charlie Houchin, Tyler Clary, 2010).

• Since 2008, Michigan has won at least one Big Ten title in 17 of the 18 swimming events (individual and relay). The program's longest drought is in the 50-yard freestyle. The last Michigan swimmer to win a conference championship in the 50-yard freestyle was Gustavo Borges in 1993.

• In the diving events, Michigan has won 18 conference titles across all boards. The last U-M diver to win a conference title was Jason Coben, who won both one-meter and platform in 2004. Michigan has not had a student-athlete win three-meter since Matthew Chelich in 1979.

• Beginning in the 2008-09 season, the Wolverines have gone 40-3-1 in dual meets under the direction of head swimming coach Mike Bottom, including a 25-1 mark in Big Ten action. In his four years, Bottom has led Michigan to three Big Ten titles (2009, 2011, 2012) and four straight top-10 finishes at the NCAA Championships, including a fifth-place showing last season, U-M's highest finish since 2004. In four seasons, Bottom has coached Michigan swimmers to 45 Big Ten individual and relay titles.

• Head coach Mike Bottom has also been named Big Ten Swimming Coach of the Year in each of the last two seasons (2011-12). Should he receive the honor this year, Bottom will be the third head coach since the award was first given out in 1987 to win the award in three consecutive seasons, joining Michigan's Jon Urbanchek (1993-95) and Minnesota's Dennis Dale (2001-03).

• Sophomore/freshman Daniel Miller was named Big Ten Men's Swimmer and Freshman of the Week last Tuesday (Feb. 19). He is the 10th different U-M student-athlete to receive at least one Big Ten weekly honor this season, joining Miguel Ortiz (four-time Swimmer of the Week), Dylan Bosch (six-time Freshman of the Week), Anders Lie Nielsen (two-time Freshman of the Week) and Jack Lee (two-time Diver of the Week). Others to receive Big Ten weekly awards include Connor Jaeger, Richard Funk, Sean Fletcher, Zachary Turk, and James Ross. For the season, 21 of the 50 total weekly honors (Swimmer, Diver, Freshman -- including ties) have been given to Michigan student-athletes.

• Several members of the 2012-13 roster have represented the United States on the international level during the past year or will do so in the upcoming year: Connor Jaeger (2012 U.S. Olympian), Ryan Feeley (2012 FINA Short Course World Championships), Peter Brumm (2012 Pan Pacific Championships), Kyle Whitaker (2013 World University Games), Sean Ryan (2013 World University Games) and Michael Wynalda (2013 World University Games). Additionally, all three of Michigan's coaches were at the Olympics, with Mike Bottom coaching for Serbia, Josh White coaching for Barbados, and Mark Hill coaching for Trinidad & Tobago. Bottom will coach Team USA's men at the 2013 World University Games this upcoming July in Kazan, Russia. White was an assistant coach for Team USA at the 2012 FINA Short Course World Championships this past December in Istanbul, Turkey.

• Michigan fell one spot to No. 3 in the most-recent poll released by the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) on Feb. 20. The CSCAA poll is the poll that is officially recognized by the NCAA and is released every two weeks. Voted on by nine CSCAA-member coaches and one media member, the results of the poll are based on which teams would win head-to-head in a dual meet. The Wolverines were ranked No. 9 in the Endless Pools/ poll. [ Polls: CSCAA | Endless Pools/ ]

• Of the 45 men on the 2012-13 roster, 15 are from the states of Michigan and Ohio. The other 30 hail from 17 states (Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin) and five countries (Canada, Denmark, Japan, South Africa, United States).

• Michigan went a perfect 8-0 in dual meets this season, including a 6-0 record against Big Ten teams. In those eight dual meets, the Wolverines won 86 percent of the events (97 of 113). In six dual meets at Canham Natatorium, Michigan won 88 percent of the events (71 of 81).

The Wolverines set new school and pool records in the 200-yard medley relay and had several swimmers receive NCAA 'B' times at the Michigan First Chance Meet on Feb. 16-17 at Canham Natatorium [ Recaps: Day One | Day Two ]

Sunday, March 10 -- at OSU Last Chance Meet (Columbus, Ohio), TBA

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