U-M in the International Swimming Hall of Fame
Michigan's rich history in swimming and diving is evidenced by the 20 former student-athletes and coaches enshrined in the International Swimming Hall of Fame, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Individuals may be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as a swimmer, diver, water polo player, synchronized swimmer, coach or contributor. Criteria for selection into the Hall of Fame include achievements at the Olympic, World Championship and national levels, as well as world records held. Athletes must be retired from competition a minimum of four years, or at least one Olympic quadrennial. Individuals who are neither competitors nor coaches may be elected as a "contributor" whose achievements and innovations have had a profound effect on swimming and/or its administration.

Name (Induction Year), Induction Category, Country
Mike Barrowman (1997), Swimming, USA
Gustavo Borges (2012), Swimming, Brazil
Bob Bowman (2016), Coach, USA
John Davies (1984), Swimming, Australia
William "Buck" Dawson (1986), Contributor, USA
Dick Degener (1971), Diving, USA
Tom Dolan (2006), Swimming, USA
Taylor Drysdale (1994), Swimming, USA
Virginia Duenkel (1985), Swimming, USA
Jamison "Jam" Handy (1965), Contributor, USA
Bruce Harlan (1973), Diving, USA*
Harry Holiday (1991), Swimming, USA
Dick Kimball (1985), Coach/Diving, USA**
Micki King (1978), Diving, USA
Tom Malchow (2014), Swimming, USA
Matt Mann II (1965), Coach, USA/Great Britain
Robert Mowerson (1986), Coach, USA***
Richard Papenguth (1986), Coach, USA****
Carl Robie (1976), Swimming, USA
Gus Stager (1982), Coach, USA
Jon Urbanchek (2008), Coach, USA
Bob Webster (1970), Diving, USA

* Coached at Michigan, dove for Ohio State
** Dove for Michigan, coached at Michigan
*** Swam for Michigan, coached at Minnesota
**** Swam for Michigan, coached at Purdue