Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Herman Washington
Herman Washington

Jan. 17, 2014

Senior Herman Washington discusses the start of a new season under a new coaching staff, being selected as a team captain, as well as his individual and team goals for his final season at U-M.

On starting a new season under a new coaching staff ... "I think all of the new things that have happened with the program has everyone excited. Things have been doing pretty fantastic if I had to pick a word. Things are clicking well. Everyone feels like they're getting faster and stronger."

On the first meet at home as a starting point ... "It brings a lot of energy -- that's always the best thing about running at home. It's low key for some, but for the younger guys, especially the freshmen, it's a huge experience having their first meet in front of a home crowd. It's always a positive experience to compete at home."

On being selected as a captain in his senior year ... "It's moving and it feels good to know that some of the things I say carry weight with some of the athletes. I try to individually go to people and help them out. To be voted a captain for this team is a pretty big experience in my life. It provides a little extra spark in what I'm doing, but not too much has changed. I like to think a reason I was voted a captain is because I'm doing the right things. It's more of reassuring thing to keep reinforcing the good actions that I'm doing and keep inspiring people."

On the importance of leadership under a new coaching staff ... "It's crucial. When you have any weak points, it can spread like a cancer among members of the team. We don't want to have any negative energy. Keeping everything upbeat and moving forward has been crucial for us moving toward success."

On individual and team goals for the season ... "I'll start with the team first -- I want to help move them forward. I'd like to see everyone get new PRs and see the team make a significant jump as far as position in the Big Ten and how we are as one cohesive unit. Individually, I want to win Big Tens and I'd like to walk away with All-America honors, outdoor more especially because I love the 110 hurdles."

On helping the team stay connected with many different event areas ... "I think even when you don't see each other, there is still a great vibe that is carried in the locker room and when we see other guys around the practice environment. There is definitely a more cohesive feel to it. I feel more like one team rather than that big divide between distance, field and track guys. It's more family oriented this year."

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