Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Codie Nolan
Codie Nolan

Feb. 13, 2014

Redshirt sophomore Codie Nolan discusses how the sprint and hurdle group is doing under first-year assistant coach Steven Rajewsky, how they go about setting goals, and shares his thoughts on previewing the Big Ten Championship venue this weekend.

On sprints and hurdles coach Steven Rajewsky ... "Since coach Rajewsky has been here, things have been very focused in workouts and in general. We're setting goals for ourselves and our team and training toward those goals -- it really feels like we have a purpose for everything we're doing. He brings a good atmosphere, for example, yesterday we had a meeting with just the sprint crew and he was telling us to stay focused and keep running hard."

On the goals that have been set individually and as a team ... "For team goals, we try to say who can get what points at Big Tens and nationals. For me personally, I try to set weekly goals. I have different phases of my race and I have to put them all together. One week, I'll focus on one thing, and then something different the next week."

On things that are going well for him and improvements he can make ... "I feel like the start is the best part of my race and that’s something I've really worked on since I've been here and it's finally coming together. But the end of my race is what's hurting me a little. I need to keep working on staying relaxed, and once I get that down, I should be fine. After each meet, coach Rajewsky and I go over film and breakdown what's going well and what I can improve on in my race."

On the sprint group ... "It seems like we're family. Most of us live together, and if we don't live together we're always hanging out together off the track. There is a really good vibe among this group. We have great leadership -- Herman (Washington), (Erick) Gavin, Ali (Arastu) -- even though some of our group is redshirting, they're still pushing us every day. Everyone is pushing each other to get better."

On keys to being successful and holding each other accountable ... "One thing the coaches have stressed is the off-track lifestyle. We need to get enough sleep and eat right, and our team has really bought into that. We've also worked on staying focused and holding each other accountable in practice."

On preview the Big Ten facility this weekend ... "It's always nice to go to a place where you're going to compete for a championship because you get a visual and get to feel the track. I'm going to treat this meet as if it were Big Tens -- that's my mentality -- and then hopefully I'll be ready for the Big Ten meet in two weeks."

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