Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Patrick Cochran
Patrick Cochran

April 3, 2014

Tri-Meet Preview

Senior/junior Patrick Cochran discusses his training with Coach Clayton while redshirting during the indoor season and shares his excitement about his two-foot PR last weekend in the long jump as well as the upcoming tri-meet with Cal and UVA.

On his training during the indoor season while he redshirted ... "It was definitely different than any indoor season I've had -- it kind of seemed like an extension of the summer. It took a ton of patience. I decided at the beginning of the summer that I wanted to do well this season and I wasn't going to let myself start slipping this close the year. Luckily, I had Coach Clayton to give me some direction and I just stayed in his path."

On the differences in his training with Coach Clayton ... "Everything is a lot different. I think the biggest difference is the confidence that he has in himself and in us. He's not an outspoken guy, he's not going to tell you how great his athletes have been, but his body of work kind of speaks for itself. I bought in and felt like I didn't have anything to lose."

On starting the outdoor season with a two-foot PR ... "It was really awesome. I knew I wanted to do something big with the Michigan jersey on, and I knew I was capable of it. Long jump is something that's just come to me pretty recently so that was really exciting."

On continuing to progress toward the championship season ... "There's got to be more to come. I haven't triple jumped at all this season and I've always thought that's kind of been my thing. Obviously, I don't expect a foot PR every week, but if I can add a little bit each week and get a little bit stronger throughout the season, I think I can make a good run to regionals and maybe nationals."

On having the full team together for the tri-meet at Virginia ... "Everyone is really excited. It's been a different team-feel this year -- I know the distance guys feel it and the track guys feel it. We're a much closer-knit unit than we have been. It's going to be fun to go out there and compete for each other and not just for ourselves."

On starting to think about future plans after graduation in a year ... "I'm coming up on the end of my degree. I only have 13 credits left, so I'm going to be stretching those out for a fifth year next year, where I'll have both seasons of eligibility. I really can't see myself letting go of track and field any time soon so if things keep going well, I'd like to maybe compete post-collegiately, and I think coaching is definitely something I'd like to get into. I'm going to be working around Ann Arbor again this summer and continuing to train."

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