Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Chris Maye
Chris Maye

May 1, 2014

Sophomore/freshman Chris Maye talks about joining the men's track and field team, his progress as a sprinter with the support of his teammates and coaches and his summer plans.

On joining the track and field team ... "I was a non-athlete last year and I was with a member of the track team one day and he started talking to me about track and it got my heart pumping a little bit and made me want to try to run again. I spoke with Coach Clayton and he thought I had good enough high school times to join the team. Now that I'm here, I'm really happy I made that choice. All the guys are great to hang out with and get along with. I like our coaches that we have and I like the team setting and the environment on the team."

On his improvement since joining the team ... "Overall I'm faster than I was in high school, at least in the 100m. I haven't really found my endurance for the 200m yet -- I ran faster when I was in high school. The first meet this year I PRd in the 100m, which I was pretty happy with. I'm doing a lot more actual technical things when it comes to my race now that I'm at the collegiate level and have the coaches to teach me and give me a better knowledge base -- that's making me overall a better runner."

On having Codie Nolan as a training partner ... "Codie and I run the same events, and by us doing that, it's brought us pretty close as friends. We're pretty similar when it comes to speed so in practice we push each other. It's not like either one of us blows the other one out of the water so it makes us compete even harder. The same goes for the other sprinters and the hurdlers, even though they're not doing open sprints -- we all compete against each other. The healthy competition makes us all better because no one likes to lose."

On having groups from all event areas together at Indiana this weekend ... "I'm excited to have the majority of the team going. That makes it that much more fun. It's a lot of fun when we're all together, especially at the hotel when we have down time. When it comes to race day, we have that extra support and a bigger fan/team base that's there to cheer us on and get us that much more pumped for the races. Overall, it's just a lot more fun to be able to talk to the guys and see everybody run versus finding out over a text or phone call how they did -- we get to witness it. We get to wish our teammates the best in person instead of in a text."

On his goals moving forward ... "For the rest of the season, I want to place a good time in one of the next two meets to secure a spot to go to Big Tens. We have to be top 18 and I'm sitting right around 20 so I want to run fast enough to do that. Looking forward, I'm looking to being able to run with the guys who are redshirting this year. Our team is going to be that much better because we'll have all those guys competing again. It will make us as a team and as individuals that much better."

On how this year when academically and his summer plans ... "I'm in the school of kinesiology and I'm going to apply to major in health and fitness. This semester was a pretty good semester for me school-wise. I got a lot of the pre-recs I needed for my major. I don't plan on taking on any spring or summer plans, but I am doing to be working at the U-M golf course, along with Phil Washington and Codie Nolan. My summer will be filled with working at the golf course and then training with Codie and Phil and a few of the other guys who will be staying around to train. That will put us that much farther ahead when it comes to training again next fall."

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