Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Derek Sievers
Derek Sievers

May 15, 2014

Event Preview

Junior/sophomore Derek Sievers discusses his continued improvement as a thrower, team and individual goals for the Big Ten Championships, as well as his plans for the summer and his future career.

On what has led to his consistent improvement ... "I think part of it has to do with our training cycles that we're going into. Last year we didn't have different training cycles and this year we have a more structured training cycle. I think my technique has gotten simpler to the point where I can repeat it more often with more energy into it, without hitting certain positions."

On the transition to working with a new coach ... "The coach Clayton transition went relatively smoothly. It only took me about a month to adjust. He's made everything very simple -- there is no extra movement or extra energy, or extra effort going into something that isn't as important as the basics of what you need to know."

On his goals for Big Tens after finishing eighth in the shot put indoor ... "I'd like to PR of course, but the goal would be to score in both events and place at least two or three places higher in the shot because that's what we've been focusing on with recent training."

On improvements from last year ... "Last year I didn't improve as we got to outdoor. I just felt like the season wore on last year, where this year I feel like I'm progressing as the year goes on. This year is about looking forward to the bigger championship meets coming up."

On the team's mentality heading into Big Tens ... "I know track is technically a team sport -- this year was been more about going out and trying to PR and work on individual improvements on and off the track ... then however the team score comes together at the end of the day is what happens. This year is about personal growth and helping to build for the future."

On his future plans with his movement science degree ... "This was my best year in terms of GPA -- it was a good semester overall, juggling 16 credits and track. But, in the future I want to able to give back all the knowledge I've learned -- from different coaches in high school, to the first year here, to coach Clayton -- I want to be able to give back that knowledge to high school students through coaching and continue to be around the sport when I can't compete. A lot of kids look back and say 'I wish I could have done this, or I wish I could have done that' and I want to make sure kids don't have those moments."

On his summer plans ... "I'm working at the U-M Golf Course. I got a morning shift so I can still workout with Cody (Riffle) and some of the other throwers. We're going to be working out all summer after the season wraps up. We're really excited to continue our training and prepare for next year. The future of the program is really an open book that hasn't been written -- we're just starting from scratch with the new coaching staff, which is pretty nice. We haven't really been able to see the potential of where we can go yet under the direction of coach Clayton so that's very exciting."

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