Notes & Quotes: #13 Michigan 16, #18 Pittsburgh 15

Nov. 11, 2012

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• With today's win, Michigan improved to 21-9-1 in the all-time series against Pittsburgh.

• The 16-15 decision is U-M closest margin of victory since defeating Minnesota 17-16 during the 2008-09 season. The Wolverines lost a pair of one-point duals -- to Bloomsburg and American -- at the Journeymen Northeast Duals in 2009-10.

• Four Wolverine starters remain undefeated on the season. Sophomore/freshman Camryn Jackson (141 pounds), senior/junior Eric Grajales (149) and senior/junior Dan Yates (174) are all 3-0, while junior/sophomore Jake Salazar (157) is 2-0.

• Senior/junior Dan Yates has scored bonus points in all three matches this season, boasting a pin and two major decisions.


Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland
On the team win ... "We knew coming in that Pitt's got a scrappy team. They've got a lot of tough Pennsylvania kids who know how to wrestle and are good on the mat. We did what we needed to do today to get a win. It wasn't exactly how we would have liked, but we're going to take it, just like I'm sure Brady [Hoke] took that win yesterday. I like the fact that we toughed it out. Sometimes you find yourself in tough situations. That's a sign of some character on your team that you're able to dig down deep and pull out a win."

On the three overtime losses ... "I thought we could have won all three. We had those guys right where we wanted them. We had the momentum going into two of them, and we didn't capitalize on it. That's disappointing. But we're going to keep getting better for it. We've been working hard. When you do all the work and don't get your hand raised... you've got to dig down deep."

On Camryn Jackson's comeback win ... "He found himself down, probably didn't do a great job underneath early on, but was able to get out, get to his feet and really gas that guy. He pushed the pace hard. He's been doing a really good job with that; he did the same thing up at Central Michigan. He won because he outhustled that kid. You can win a lot of big matches with hustle, determination and preparation. He keeps winning. He dug out a tough win today."

On Dan Yates' dual-deciding bonus point ... "He scored a lot of takedowns. To me, that's exciting wrestling -- when you can dominant your opponent like that. He was working hard to get some back points, but that kid was pretty savvy on the mat. It was good to see our captain do that. We see that every day in the practice room from him. Some of our young guys need to continue to pay attention to that, so that when you step on the mat, that's how you compete."

U-M Senior/Junior Captain Dan Yates
On wrestling in his first match since being named team captain ... "It means a lot to step out there after being named a captain and having the opportunity to represent Michigan. It was huge to go out there and do it the right way. We've been talking all year about wrestling an exciting style for the crowd. I felt like I was able to do that today."

On earning the major decision at 174 pounds ... "I knew I had to get that bonus point. I wanted a tech, but when I didn't get the near fall, I focused on just attacking nonstop to overwhelm him to the point where he just quit. He put his head down and just kind of gave up."

On the Wolverines' team performance ... "Our guys are pushing and going in the right direction. Obviously there's a lot more that we need to do, but fortunately it's still early in the season and we have the time to work on it. We're talking about spending each second that we have in the wrestling room really focused on pushing ourselves past exhaustion. You could see in some of those overtime matches that our guys didn't quite have that last push that they needed. We will work hard to fix that."

U-M Sophomore/Freshman Camryn Jackson
On his comeback win at 141 pounds ... "I was just really focused on getting out of there from bottom. It was tough, but once I got back to my feet, I knew I had to pick up the pace, go after it and score. I heard the crowd. I loved that. That got me pumped up in the third period. Once I got into that rhythm, I wasn't really aware of what was going on as much as what I had to do. I just knew that I had to score and keep scoring, and I knew that I needed some back points at the end. But I'll be honest, I didn't know if I had won or lost when the match ended."

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