Notes & Quotes: #11 Pittsburgh 19, #6 Michigan 13

Nov. 19, 2011



• With tonight's loss, Michigan fell to 20-9-1 in the all-time series against Pittsburgh.

• Fifth-year senior Justin Zeerip lost his last meeting against Pittsburgh's Ethan Headlee, 3-1 SV, in the Wolverines' 2010-11 dual opener.

• Senior Zac Stevens has claimed four major decisions in his six matches this season.


Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland
On the positives and negatives from tonight's dual ... "I thought, in a lot of these matches, our guys did the work, did the things we've been working on, wrestling hard-nosed and wrestling tough. We won some close matches that I felt our guys did a good job of digging down deep and doing the work -- riding tough, returning guys tough and getting to their scores. We won some really close matches against great guys.

"Then there was some matches where we didn't do that, and it cost us a little bit. Some of my guys have little gaps right now in their wrestling, and we need to fill in those gaps with hard work. They're taking these little breaks; mostly I see it in our riding or in situations where we really need to stay tough. When the situation gets difficult or stressful, they're backing off, and in some of those cases, it's costing us a match or two. The guys that don't have those gaps -- the guys who are wrestling tough the whole time, riding tough, returning tough, getting after it on their feet, getting back to the center first and just doing the work -- those guys are finding success. That's how you win tough matches. That's how you get to the top of the podium."

On missing three projected starters tonight ... "I'm not going to use that as an excuse, but once we get our lineup full strength, we're going to be pretty darn tough. It's a day-by-day process. My new coaches are doing a good job of hammering that philosophy in, talking about it every day and making sure they're following through with it. I think we're pretty excited about where we can be. I was disappointed with tonight, but we need to get some guys back in our lineup. Pitt has a tough team. We knew coming in we'd have our hands full."

On fifth-year senior Justin Zeerip ... "He's doing a great job. He's doing the work and doing everything we've been talking about. He's wrestling tough, riding tough, and he's one of the guys I'm talking about who is really paying attention to what we've been working on. He's being really stubborn out there, not giving these guys anything, and I think he likes what's happening."

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