Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Cory Glines
Cory Glines

Nov. 21, 2013

Freshman Cory Glines (Canton, Ohio/St. Thomas Aquinas) discusses his adjustment to being a collegiate student-athlete, being one of three freshmen on the varsity squad, winning the NCAA Great Lakes Regional, and how he got his start in distance running.

On adjusting to collegiate training, 8K racing and 10K racing in a short amount of time ... "What I did coming in was try to keep a straight mindset. I wanted to run right away when I came here, but I knew there was a possibility I could redshirt and I would have been okay with that too. I came in and trained every day and didn't try to do too much too early to where I would blow up at the end of the season if I did compete. I think one of the biggest adjustments I made early was just staying composed and not putting too much emotion into training. When it came time for our first race, Coach (Alex) Gibby talked to me a lot about what to expect out of the 8K. My first one was an eye opener and taught me a lot about the new distance, and I got pretty comfortable with it. And then right when I got comfortable with it, then we switched to the 10K. At regionals, I felt like I was still pretty comfortable early on, but later in the race I felt a lot more than I did in the 8K. Hopefully I'll get used to that more and as the years go on I can become even more of an asset to the team."

On what allowed him to contribute as a freshman ... "I think one part of it was my high school training. I was considered kind of high mileage in high school, and I did a lot of the aerobic training so I feel like I had a pretty good aerobic base coming in. That translated well into Coach Gibby's training. I think those two things played a big part in my smooth transition. I think that's what made me a good fit for Michigan. I sat down and talked with my high school coaches and decided that Michigan's training was the best fit for me to go into and be successful right away and also keep getting better as the years go on."

On having three freshmen on the varsity squad ... "It's helped a lot. Ben (Flanagan), Connor (Mora) and I have grown a really strong relationship. I talked to Connor a little bit over the summer and then I met Ben at orientation for the first time. When all three of us were told we were going to compete for the first time, we kind of had a stronger bond. We were able to endure the everyday running together. And now at this point in the season where it's later than we're used to from high school, the three of us are helping each other stay focused and prepared for the championship season. It's also really exciting to think that the three of us still have three years left together. Obviously we wanted to win Big Tens this year but we didn't get it, and then we won regionals and now we're looking to make a big step at nationals. The goal for us later on is to win Big Ten titles and place really high at nationals. Ben, Connor and I ran this year, but we also have a lot more talented freshmen who didn't get to run this year. We have a really good class, a really big class. We were talking the other day about how excited we are for the future because we expect big things out of it and are hoping we can bring a lot of success here."

On helping Michigan win a regional title as a freshman and sending the seniors out on a high note ... "It was really cool because of hearing all the stories about how it was before and how they finished eighth at regionals when Morsi (Rayyan) and (Mark) Beams were freshmen. They said they had never really won a meet before until regionals so it was really cool to be a part of, mainly for them. Hopefully we can have a big race this weekend and really send them out well. It was really cool to be a part of that, and hopefully there's more to come."

On how he's adjusted to being a student at Michigan ... "That was probably my biggest adjustment coming in. I knew Michigan was a very prestigious school and I knew it was going to be a challenge with the workload between practice and being in school every day. The academic center helps out with giving tutors and things like that, which it great. I would say my favorite class so far is either CSP100, which is kind of an introduction to college, or SM111, which is a history of sports management class. I'm looking into possibly majoring in health and fitness leadership, which is a new program in the School of Kinesiology, but I'm not positive yet."

On how he got his start in distance running ... "Growing up I was a baseball player and played for probably the first 16 years of my life. I played full-time until I tore the MCL in my arm. The surgery they would have had to do on it is called Tommy John surgery, where they take a muscle out of your leg to repair your arm. They told me I wouldn't be able to run the same or run as well ever again, so at that point we decided that I would just run full-time and I started getting really good at it. I guess it all worked out in the end."

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