Jim Abbott Makes His Best Pitch Ever
Jim Abbott was a standout pitcher for Michigan.

April 9, 2012

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t's a Rite of Spring: baseball's Opening Day! When hope springs eternal for players and fans alike. Nobody's perfect, of course. But there are countless stories of baseball heroics . . . including the one Lee Cowan has to tell us now in this Sunday Profile:

Out of all the baseball games played in the last few days - this victory was especially sweet. "Nice playing! Nice playing! Colin, nice playing, bud. That was a good hit. You have a great swing!"

As Little Leaguers go, every player here is special. Each is facing either a mental or physical challenge.

"Oooh! Almost! Use that other hand to trap it in there, trap it in there. Nice toss!!"

But the man they donned their uniforms for today was here to show them that baseball doesn't discriminate.

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