Olympic Wrestling Hopefuls

April 18, 2012

When members of the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club first congregated last summer at their regional training site in Ann Arbor, coach Sean Bormet kept a watchful eye on his team.

Wrestling, after all, is an individual sport. And with each wrestler aspiring to become a U.S. Olympian, the team might have fractured and not worked well together.

But Bormet didn't have to worry long. Soon, the wrestlers began bonding. They went bowling, watched movies together, organized fishing trips and even played Scattergories at one another's homes.

"It's just great," said Josh Churella, a three-time All-America at Michigan. "We're all pretty good friends and have become really close this last year.

"And it's just a great environment because when you're training by yourself you have goals and aspirations, but they're reinforced when you've got six other guys alongside you that have the same dreams and aspirations and just pushing you to new levels."

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