Red Talks Hockey
Coach Red Berenson has led the Wolverines to 21 straight NCAA Tournament appearances.

July 25, 2011

By Tony Khing

It's about an hour before game time. Outside his team's locker room, Red Berenson sips a cup of black coffee while he's being interviewed.

Over the next five minutes, his interviewer notices that Berenson has an edge to his voice and that focused intense look in the eyes. That's not caffeine-induced. Those attributes are normal for players and coaches on game day.

Berenson has experienced these emotions for most of his life. He played center in the National Hockey League for 17 seasons, winning a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1965 and helping St. Louis reach the Stanley Cup Final in each of their first two years. Before the NHL, Berenson was a star player at the University of Michigan.

Following his playing career, he went into coaching. Berenson received the Jack Adams Award in 1981 after coaching the Blues to 45 wins. And since 1984, Berenson has been head coach of the University of Michigan. Over his 27 years on the job, he's led his Wolverines to 21 straight NCAA Tournament appearances and two NCAA titles.

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