Letterwinners M Club To Honor Mandich, Bates and Hass

Oct. 28, 2011

ANN ARBOR--On Saturday morning at the 35th Annual Go Blue Homecoming Tailgate in the Oosterbaan Fieldhouse, Letterwinners M Club president Mary Petrovich will make three special presentations to the expected 300 plus University of Michigan supporters in attendance. Petrovich will posthumously honor Michigan football legend Jim Mandich with the Bob Ufer Award. Jim's widow Bonnie Mandich will accept the award on behalf of the entire family. The award has been presented each year since 1981 to a M Club member in recognition for his or her outstanding service to the University of Michigan Athletic Department.

"He did so much for our football program and our university as a student-athlete, supporter, donor and ambassador of positive energy. After his pro career with the Miami Dolphins, he became an important leader in Southern Florida, helping the Dolphins and the Miami community in countless ways," said Dave Brandon, the Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics. ""Captain Jim Mandich led a team that changed Michigan football for decades to follow. He was a legendary player and an even better person."

Petrovich will also introduce Percy Bates and Lisa Hass as Honorary Members of the M Letterwinners Club for their long-time service to Michigan Athletics.

Bates, a Professor and Director of Programs for Educational Opportunity at U-M, served as member of the Board of Intercollegiate Control starting in 1977 under Don Canham and then was appointed to his current position by then-president James Duderstadt in 1990. He still holds that position today.

Bates was inducted into the NACDA John McLendon Minority Athletics Administrators Hall of Fame in June, 2010.

"His service to this university and more so, his service to the student-athletes competing at Michigan has been outstanding," said Associate Athletic Director Bruce Madej who has been with the U-M for over 30 years. "Only Marcus Plant (who served as Michigan's Faculty rep for 24 years from 1954-to 1978) and Percy Bates have given their effort for this period of time.

"And when you look at the change that has taken place during Percy's tenure, his ability to remain an integral figure with the student-athlete, the coaches, administration, the conference and the NCAA is truly a testament to his service."

Hass started at Michigan in 1991 and today is the head athletic trainer for both the women's gymnastics' team and the rowing team.

"Lisa has been so much more than an athletics trainer to our program," said women's gymnastics coach Bev Plocki. "She has played an extremely important role in our success over the last 20 years. Injury in every sport is a big key to winning or losing. Lisa has been able to help me manage and prevent little things from becoming bigger things.

"Her care and support of our young women who are returning from injury inspires them to stay positive and push to get back to 100 percent. We would not have been able to have the kind of success that we have enjoyed without Lisa's many contributions. I appreciate all that Lisa has done for my program and consider her a very good friend."

"The Letterwinners M Club is excited to honor all three of these individuals," said Petrovich. "This type of recognition is an important aspect for our club and allows the letterwinners an opportunity to recognize the efforts of Jim Mandich, Percy Bates and Lisa Hass for all they have done to contribute to our great athletic tradition."

Read more on Jim Mandich by clicking HERE.

Read more on Percy Bates (Printed from an E-Hail Newsletter, October, 2011):


Professor; Director, Programs for Educational Opportunity and Faculty Representative for the Athletic Department
Born: Pensacola, Fla.
High School: Washington (Pensacola) HS, Hamtramck (Mich.) HS
University: Central Michigan (BA), Wayne State (Master of Arts), University of Michigan (PhD, '68)
Wife: Cheryl
Children: son-Nathan; daughter -Allison (four grandchildren) Jordan and Brooke Peshke, Georgia and Sadie Bates.

Percy has been a faculty member since 1965 and has served as an assistant dean, chairperson of the Special Education Program, and division director for Curriculum, Teaching, and Psychological Studies. Bates is the director of The Programs for Educational Opportunity (PEO), which is the U.S. Department of Education Equity Assistance Center for Region V, serving K-12 traditional and charter public schools in the Great Lakes states. He has had a tour of duty as deputy assistant secretary for special education in the Department of Education in Washington, DC, and was recently a member of the secretary of education's Title IX Commission on Opportunities in Athletics. For the U-M Athletic Department, Percy this will be the 21st year as the Faculty Representative. Before you even started college, you served in the military, where were you stationed and what was your position?

"I was stationed in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss with the rank of Corporal. I was assigned to the anti-aircraft unit responsible for radio controlled targets that we flew for anti-aircraft practice."

It sounds like they were the somewhat like the drones of today?

"Yes, they are similar to the drones since they were little planes flown by radio control." How do you define the position as Faculty Rep?

"The Faculty Rep is a liaison between athletics and academics within the university whose primary job is monitoring the athletic process of student athletes. In addition, we represent the university in legislative matters at the Big Ten Conference and the NCAA. We are the vote casters. When there's a vote to be taken we cast the vote."

How did you become the faculty Rep for U-M?

"I was on the athletic board for a number of years prior to becoming a Faculty Rep. In most instances, the Faculty Rep is already active in athletics on campus. I was nominated as a board member through SACUA (Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs). SACUA has a number of committees and one is to work with athletics. They recommended me for the role. After that, the board (Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics) provided a search for the opening of the faculty rep and a number of various people were nominated and interviewed."

Is the process still the same?

"It is still similar as described but the most recent changes place the Faculty Rep squarely in the President's office with some consultation with the faculty governing body of SACUA."

What is the best part of the position?

"The work with the student-athletes is by far the best part. Observing, supporting and assisting their progress at getting the best education this university can provide for them. It is not just about a win on Saturday. It is the interaction which is the real joy."

What is the toughest part of the position?

"It is the oversight relative to athletics in trying to assure that we follow the rules as we are supposed to do. Occasionally, as always, there is a violation somewhere down the line and it complicates this role."

Over the 21 years as Faculty Rep, you have served on numerous committees. What were some of the major committees you served on?

"I was the chair of the NCAA Management Council that was the major governing board at the time; I also served as the liaison from the NCAA to the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. As a member of the NCAA Management Council, I was one of the longest tenured individuals. I was on that council for nine years."

What is your most memorable moment as Faculty Rep?

"The most memorable moment for me was when we interviewed an incoming student-athlete and there was a question about his eligibility. We were interviewing this individual with the admissions office and I will never forget him telling us 'If you admit me to the University of Michigan, you will never regret it.' We recommended him for admission and four years later he sent a letter to us saying that he was graduating and he wanted us to attend. The student-athlete was Pierre Woods. I watched his progress throughout his academic career. And then he really wanted me at graduation so I positioned myself at commencement to make sure he would see me. When he received his diploma I was so proud. Even today, every Father's Day I get a card from him. This really epitomizes the position of the Faculty Rep and that's what makes this position gratifying."

Read more on Lisa Hass (printed from an E-Hail newsletter in April, 2011):

Lisa Hass

Athletic Trainer (Women's gymnastics and rowing)
Born and raised: Fargo, North Dakota
Dad: Richard, retired; worked at AAA in memberships
Mother: Pat, retired; worked at VA Hospital in Fargo
High School: Fargo North
Undergraduate degree: North Dakota State
Graduate degree: Western Michigan
First job: Dakota Wesleyan University, Athletic Trainer
Started at Michigan: Fall of 1991

With the Red River overflowing again did you have these problems when you were growing up? "Every spring the river would flood but never do I remember it flooding like it does now. There was a low lying road and a golf course that would flood each year but there was a dike that really held everything. This is the worst flooding I have seen there in my lifetime."

So you remember the Red River flooding? "Yes, I remember it flooding because my best friend lived about 200 yards from the river. They had a swimming pool and I never remember river water in the pool. The water would creep up to the house every once in awhile but it never flooded the house. We played, built tree forts and went fishing by the river all the time so I remember it quite well."

This coming weekend you will be going to the NCAA finals in Cleveland with the women's gymnastics team how have you enjoyed working with this team? "I have definitely enjoyed working with this team maybe even more so than any other team. This senior class is getting ready to perform. The seniors are giving it their last shot and they are in it to win it. This season has fun to be a part of."

What makes this team different than others you have worked with? "This year's team has many seniors, no juniors, a few sophomores and quite a few freshmen. These seniors have really taken on a leadership role and you can see the freshman just soaking it in. I have been to 20 years of NCAA finals but it is always fun to see people reach new heights. They are just fun to be with and great to watch. I'm getting goose bumps just talking about this their upcoming opportunity!"

Outside of your job, what do you like to do? "I still enjoy going to Michigan events. Because of my job, I have been able to get to know so many different athletes and when you have someone to root for and you know those people you are rooting for, it makes it fun. I know so many of these kids, their coaches, and their athletic trainers and I like going out there and supporting my peers."

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