Football, golf letterwinner Thad Standford Passes Away
Thad Standford was a wide receiver and golfer at the University of Michigan.

Dec. 17, 2012

Tad died softly, wrapped in love and light, unconditional offerings from family, friends, patients, colleagues - and, even those he barely knew. Giving came naturally to Tad. Yes, he could be fierce when injustice was committed or lies spoken, yet, he never did understand a cold heart.

Practicing orthopaedics fed Tad's spirit. Exercising the law titillated his mind. Writing poetry uplifted his soul. His curriculum vitae didn't interest him much. He treasured all kids championing their dignity, their gifts, their health.

Tad was a wide receiver and golfer at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, from 1950-1954. He, also, was a member of the top men's honoraries in both undergraduate and medical schools. After two years in the Air Force, and a three year residency, Tad and his family moved to Salem, Oregon, sight unseen, on July 4, 1965. Tad came from a family full of laughter, card games, kindness and English Setter puppies. Strangers were unknown in this cozy town, Midland, Michigan, population fifteen thousand. Just ask his sister, Ann, or his brother, Brook.

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