Executive Board

The M Club Board of Directors consists of 18 members who serve two-year terms with a limit of three consecutive terms and four terms overall.

Bob Stites
Bob Stites, '88
Dyan Jenkins-Ali
Dyan Jenkins-Ali, '90
Bonnie Pankopf Kulp
Bonnie Pankopf Kulp, '88
Dave Brandon
Dave Brandon, '74

Board of Directors

John Arvai
John Arvai, '97
Ryan Bertin
Ryan Bertin, '05
Ellen Neering Chase
Ellen Neering Chase, '79
Mike Carl
Mike Carl, '06
Christopher Frescoln
Scott Faculak, '90
Jeanne Hess
Jeanne Hess, '79
Dave Knight
Dave Knight, '91
Sheryl M. Szady
Sheryl M. Szady, '74
Debbie Williams-Hoak
Debbie Williams-Hoak, '82
Steve Zacharias
Steve Zacharias, '90
Bridget Venturi Veenema
Bridget Venturi Veenema, '89
Brad Haudan
Brad Haudan, '10
Thomas Gritter
Thomas Gritter, '04
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews, '02
Jeannette Stawski
Jeannette Stawski, '98


Steven Rosen
Steve Rosen
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez