Q&A with Dave Brandon

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Q&A with Dave Brandon
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Dave Brandon with son Nick at Michigan men's basketball's 2013 NCAA second round game vs. South Dakota State, Auburn Hills, Michigan, March 2013

Q: In March, you finished your third year as the Michigan A.D., formally known as the Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics. How was it different from year one?
A: We continue to make good progress towards a number of out long-term objectives. However, there are still many challenges to confront and opportunities to pursue.

Q: What's been the most pleasant surprise since you took the position?
A: I never have to worry about being bored.

Q. The least pleasant surprise?
A: I wish we had the resources that allowed us to move faster on some of the initiatives that I know would really help us be the leaders and best in every way.

Q: One or two things, please, about being A.D. at Michigan that people would be most surprised to hear.
A: 1) I get a lot of advice and opinions from some people who have a great deal of confidence in their knowledge and understanding of the work we do at Michigan athletics. 2) The job would be a lot easier if I could figure out a way to be in three places at once. The number of simultaneous activities and events constantly put stress on travel schedules and daily plan calendars.

Q: What moment since you took the job has made you most proud that you did?
A: We have an academic success award dinner every year to recognize our student-athletes' performance in the classroom. To see them all dressed up, accepting awards for their academic accomplishments, and congratulating one another is a great moment.

Q: What are your biggest priorities for the next two to three years?
A: New and updated facilities---16 projects---which will positively impact every one of our student-athletes and coaches (see "South Campus Athletics Plan" article).

Q: How has your definition of "Michigan man" or "Michigan woman" changed over the last couple years?
A: It hasn't.

Q: How long do you plan to do this job?
A: As long as I enjoy it. My health is good. And I feel appreciated by those to whom I report.

Q: About how many emails do you answer in an average day?
A: 200+

Dave Brandon, celebrating Michigan men's basketball's 2013 NCAA Regional Championship at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, March 2013

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