Letterwinner Survey Results

Table of Contents
M Day Recap
Message From The President
Letterwinner Survey Results
Hall of Honor
Membership All-Time High
Football Ticket Lottery
Ciullo Earns Alumni Scholarship
Newberry Awarded Raeder
New M Club Logo
Grand Hotel Weekend
South Campus Athletic Plan
Regional Outreach
Ufer & Honorary M Awarded
New Board Members
New Coach Interviews
Q&A with Dave Brandon
Improved M Den Partnership

In March, the Michigan Athletic Department sent a survey to all student-athlete alumni to seek input regarding alumni engagement as it relates to Michigan Athletics. The Letterwinners M Club was offered the opportunity to add a group of questions to the survey as well, and we want to thank those of you who provided important feedback on how to improve the Club!

The questions measured satisfaction with current M Club events and initiatives as well as to gauge interest toward future initiatives. We were pleased to see positive feelings toward events such as M Day, the Cowboys Classic weekend in Dallas, and the MSU Tailgate.

Letterwinners M Club members also expressed an interest in attending regional outreach events. We want you to know that your feedback was not taken lightly, and with the success of the New York and Chicago events, we are looking forward to meeting many more of you on the road in the future.

There was also interest in unique, premium M Club merchandise. With the launch of the Go Blue banner beach towels and Fat Head's, this request has also been met. Be on the lookout for more items that will only be available to Letterwinners M Club members on this fall.

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