Raeder Award

The Raeder's Raiders Spirit Award was established in 2006 to recognize a varsity athlete for character, teamwork, dedication, perseverance and intensity of athletic performance while coming off the bench. It's named after J. Paul Raeder, a member of the Michigan football team from 1957 to 1961, and a number of his teammates known collectively as "Raeder's Raiders." The award is sponsored by the Raeder family.

Past winners
2014 Spike Albrecht (men's basketball)
2013 April Newberry (rowing)
2012 Michelle McMahon (volleyball)
2011 Shawn Hunwick (ice hockey)
2010 Courtney Boylan (women's basketball)
2009 C.J. Lee (men's basketball)
2008 Vanessa Sekhon (field hockey)
2007 Katie Bohard (women's soccer)
2006 Candace Gay (volleyball)