Postgame Quotes: Michigan 66, Indiana 48

Jan. 22, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
On the energy level dropping in the second half once Michigan had a big lead ... "Well, Indiana had three three-pointers. It didn't have anything to do with us, they just hit three shots and they had shots all night and didn't make them. I thought that we just had to regroup at that point and get more baskets. We had a lot of three-point opportunities because we were wide open, but we didn't make a lot of them. We were 4-for-23 on the arc, which isn't anything to write home about. With that being said, we had some good shots and I think we did a good job taking care of the ball. We had a missed layup when Indiana hit those nine points, and you have to make layups and take care of the ball. It's always concerning when you knock 10 points off a lead in about a minute, but our kids battled back and got the win."

On building a big lead against Indiana's defense ... "We could basically get anything that we wanted. We played against Washington State earlier this year and Indiana had pretty much the same defense that Washington State had. It's a match-up zone that leaves certain spots open. I thought we were pretty efficient against it. We got some good things on the basket and hit some key shots."

On the team's morale after playing everyone during the game ... "You have no idea how good it is for the team's morale. It's really hard after the game for someone who didn't play at all to sing the Hail to the Victors. Their heart isn't quite in it the same way because they want to be a part of the win, and even though they are from a practice perspective, they want to get into the game and play. It was nice to see all of those players get in and get an opportunity to play a little bit, especially in front of the parents."

On the upcoming rematch against Penn State on Thursday ... "They are really good. They are a really hard matchup for us. They have some unbelievable speed. Their point guard is lightning quick and strong, and we couldn't control her last game. They have some forces around the basket, they are big and talented, so we are going to have to play a perfect game to beat them. We need to take care of the ball to give ourselves a chance offensively and defensively. Getting rebounds and putting some resistance will be key. It's going to be a high-energy game for us and an important game because it's against Penn State, probably the best team in the conference. Our kids are playing well, we play hard and we play together. We play smart and I'm really happy with the way things are progressing."

U-M Senior Guard Courtney Boylan
On getting easy looks ... "Yeah, I think that was the biggest thing. Whenever you play a zone, it's important to hit shots, but I also think we moved the ball really well. That's what got us some open looks."

On driving against the trap zone ... "I would agree with that (we opened the middle and we are all versatile). She (Rachel Sheffer) did a great job of breaking the defense down. Like she said, when she got in the corner, she did a really good job of penetrating the middle, looking for people or taking the shot when it was open."

On the possibility of losing the game ... "Going into the game, I think we were really confident, and that's how we've been the last few games. That's how we've really approached every game. I don't think we've ever approached a game saying we're going to lose this game. I think that that's been our mindset for the entire year. Against any Big Ten team, losing is a possibility. Every team you play against in this league is good. They're talented and athletic, and they're big and strong. We have to come ready to play every night."

On being confident going into this game ... "They're a big team; big strong girls. That's what it's like when you play in the Big Ten, like I said. Every game you're playing, someone is big like that."

On Indiana getting to that next level ... "They have a 6-6 girl who can shoot threes. She's 44 percent from the three-point line. You develop that player, maybe next year, that's you're one step. But that's just an example."

On the reserves playing ... "It's great, especially on parent's night. Everybody pretty much had a parent here. That was really great because the parents could see everyone come in. Plus, it's great for team camaraderie; everybody got in and got to experience the game and the win. I thought that was awesome."

U-M Junior Forward/Center Rachel Sheffer
On getting easy looks ... "We were practicing for hours against their zone. We had great passes and found people wide open underneath."

On driving against the trap zone ... "When we go five-out, we open the middle up a lot. When you drive, you either kick it or take it to the hole. I think we have a great team in the sense that we can all handle the ball and we all are versatile. So, when we go five-out, it's just five on five and we just get to do our thing."

On being confident going into this game ... "We were really confident. They are very talented. They are one step away from taking it to the next level. They are a great team. They have a lot of athletic people. But I think our confidence in playing well and moving the ball very well gave us a flow and a rhythm to knock down shots."

On Indiana getting to that next level ... "They just have great talent. They are very athletic and very big. You can tell on the court that they want to win."

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