Postgame Quotes: Michigan 63, #13 Nebraska 52

Feb. 10, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
Opening statement ... "Obviously, we're excited to come in here and win. The day before the game started I just kept the video tapes, watching these guys play, and thinking, 'my, oh my, I haven't seen anything like this in our conference for a while. I thought our kids came out and played extremely well."

On how the team's defense contained Nebraska ... "I don't know. During their stretch they missed shots. During our stretch when we didn't score, we turned it over. To me that is a little more frustrating, and the other part is we turned the ball over so much, and normally we don't do that. But we just uncharacteristically coughed it up at the end, which is very disappointing. In the first half, I felt that they had really good looks, but they just didn't go in. We moved the ball well, took care of it."

On the way Michigan responded offensively ... "This was a funny game. One game you can't buy a basket, the next game everything is going in. I don't have an explanation, but for whatever reason, some games, they just don't fall, and some games they do. I felt we came out confidently, got shots in rhythm, and knocked them down."

On the Nebraska defense ... "We were running away from them. They put so much pressure on you. They just come out and get you, one after another. It's really difficult, and they're hard to play against. They are kind of like Texas A&M, that is probably their closest comparison. We were just trying to stay away from them, and we just luckily got open shots and made them."

On the magnitude of the win ... "Any win in this conference is absolutely huge. I don't care who you beat. It can make a difference in terms of who is going to win the conference or what that does [for the NCAA Tournament]. I have learned these conference things come down to the last week to see what happens because conference play is always really difficult for everybody. Nebraska being new to the conference, nobody really knows anything about Nebraska. On the other hand, they don't know a lot about us either. For us to be to come in and play them, to see this Hooper kid, she is a really good player. I'll tell you she is a dynamo. To actually see them in person, to watch these kids play, and on video tape; in terms of what it means, it is a great win. Any win is a good win. We will take any win we can get."

On bouncing back from a loss to Michigan State ... "We played really well against Michigan State. We played confidently. It came down to the wire, we had a wide-open two, a wide-open three to win the game, and we missed both while they made it. It is one of those things, but I thought that we played very confidently against State, we just didn't come away with a win. It's nice to see the team rewarded for staying with it and working hard."

On the importance and confidence of making the NCAA Tournament ... "We've been bumped out the last couple years because we just didn't have enough wins at the end of the year and those kinds of things. It is important, and we have really worked hard to put us in a position to do that. We are nowhere near done yet, but at least we are on the right path."

U-M Senior Forward Carmen Reynolds
On the team containing Nebraska's offense ... "I agree with coach on that. They got good looks; they just weren't putting it in. We tried to pressure them on defense. They got good shots."

On Nebraska's comeback charge and closing the gap in the second half ... "They are a good team. I knew they were going to come back. A team like that, they're never going to give up. I guess we were going to hold them until the end, but we knew the run was coming and we had to stay confident and composed through that, which we did for the most part, minus turning over the ball."

U-M Junior Forward Nya Jordan
On Nebraska's offense despite the miscues ... "I feel like they were being confident. We came back and scored and it took awhile, but they were still in it."

On Nebraska's comeback charge and closing the gap in the second half ... "As far as my heart pounding, I was just trying to stay composed because I didn't want to get frustrated myself. With the shots I took I think was just being confident."

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