Postgame Quotes: #14 Ohio State 57, Michigan 48 - Big Ten Quarterfinals

March 2, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
On the defensive game plan going into the match-up with Ohio State ... "Defensively, you've got two kids, (Samantha) Prahalis and Tayler (Hill) primarily. We did a pretty good job on Prahalis, all things -- turned her over seven times -- held her to 11 points. She was 4-for-15 from the floor, 1-for-7, so that was a good thing. Looks like (Kalpana) Beach did a pretty good job coming through for them. Tayler, those kids get their points. So we held Prahalis down. Defensively, I thought our kids did a really good job. You can't hold a team scoreless. It's not football or baseball, from that standpoint. But I thought our kids did a great job defensively, on one day prep or without even one day prep."

On rebounding during the game ... "I don't believe that was the difference of the game, in my opinion. That wasn't. I think maybe the shot selection we took in the first half potentially could have something to do with it. We tried to get down inside that lane, but they kept challenging us from the arc. We had some good looks down low. Nicole (Elmblad) went down low and missed it. Nya (Jordan) went down and missed it. We tried a few backdoor cuts, when we went after it with one hand instead of two hands, got deflected, went out of bounds. We tried to get it in there and the ball just wasn't going our way in the first half. And as a result you line up with three-point shots that don't go in."

On the feeling that the team has done enough for the committee ... "I hope so. I mean, we had a great year. We had a great preseason. We beat everybody from the major conferences. We put 20 wins on the board. Our RPI is good. We had a great strength of schedule. You know, we're a strong team. We're a very strong team. We feel we've laid our case, but at this point it's unfortunately not in our hands, it's in their hands. So we have to have a kind of wait-and-see scenario right now."

U-M Senior Guard Courtney Boylan
On holding Ohio State to a season low and defense ... "Our defense has been great all year. It's been -- I feel like it's been our strong point all year. And we, down the stretch, just didn't hit the shots that we needed to hit. And I think had we done that, we could be sitting here with a win."

On first-half struggles ... "I can't say it was a particular struggle. I think all of us would have liked to hit shots that we had taken in the first half or to start the second half. I don't think it was necessarily just me. But looking back, I'm upset with myself, had opportunities that I didn't capitalize on that I think would have really helped our team."

U-M Senior Guard/Forward Carmen Reynolds
On OSU's defense ... "They were pressuring us. I think we had to focus more on getting shots and rhythm. But I think that was the key, getting shots and rhythm. Sometimes we would take shots that were a little out of rhythm."

On Ohio State's offense ... "Going into the game we know (Samantha) Prahalis and Tayler Hill take 50, 60 percent of their shots every single game. So, you know you really have to key in on those two players, they're so talented, and that's what we tried to do."

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