Postgame Quotes: Oklahoma 88, Michigan 67 - NCAA First Round

March 19, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
Opening statement ... "They (Michigan) played hard from the beginning to the end, and I guess that is all you can ask for in a game like this. I would like to congratulate Oklahoma. I thought they played a really good game."

On coming back to within eight points ... "I wish we had (gone) into a zone earlier. We were back in the game at that point. It was a one-two game, they miss a basket, we make a basket and we are back in. They got to 14 and we got stuck around 12 or 14, 12 or 14, and then they would knock it down and get (the score) close. Obviously, you get that close with five or six minutes left and you think that you have a chance. So, hats off to our kids, I thought they made some big plays. [Kate Thompson] came off the bench really well and [Sam Arnold] gave us lift off of the bench as well."

On Rachel Sheffer not playing ... "[Sam Arnold] played really well and we hadn't really utilized (the two of them) playing together very much this year. Maybe it was something we needed to explore. That is what my 86-year-old mother has been telling me for two years, that they should play together. Sam came in extremely well both offensively and defensively, she is stronger."

U-M Senior Guard Courtney Boylan
On Oklahoma and guard Aaryn Ellenburg ... "[Aaryn Ellenberg] is a phenomenal player, as you saw tonight. She can stroke it, she can shoot it, and she can drive it. She can do everything. We tried our best to defend her and stop her as best as we could, but sometimes she got away from us. She was feeling it tonight; she hit a lot of shots. I believe she had ended with 28 points tonight. She is an extremely phenomenal player, very skilled."

On coming back to within eight points ... "We definitely thought we were still in it. We've had games throughout our career and throughout the season where we have been down in the second half by double digits and been able to come back and win, even on the road. I think that when we went on that I run; that is kind of what we were feeling. Personally, that is what I was feeling, thinking alright we got this; we got it down to eight. Let's keep it going. Oklahoma would just come down and hit a big shot. Hats off to (Oklahoma) for stopping our momentum."

On leaving a legacy for the program ... "I am proud to leave this way. As [Carmen Reynolds] said, that was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt, seeing our name come up on the television screen that we made it to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 11 years. That was a huge point for us in our career. We would have loved to come here and get a win, but in no means does it make it less of an enjoyable experience for us playing at Michigan."

U-M Senior Guard/Forward Carmen Reynolds
On what OU was doing in the beginning of the game ... "It's the big dance. Everyone is going to come out, be competitive, and wants to win. They were making shots. They were feeling it. That was critical in starting the game."

On the physicality of the game ... "It was a competitive game. I'd compare it to the Big Ten, I'm sure the Big 12 is like that, too. It is a physical game, and we are physical players. It is like every other game I've played. My whole career it has been a physical game."

On leaving a legacy for the program ... "It was great to be a part of it, turning the program around like we did, making it to the big dance our senior season. We both [Carmen Reynolds and Courtney Boylan] feel amazing about that. That we were able to turn it around, thanks to the coach and the coaching staff that came in, and the players coming in. It has been a great, great time and I am just happy to be a part of the tradition and the family that we have created here."

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